Help with iPhone Ringtone Maker


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Aug 4, 2007
iPhone ringtone maker

I think you can do it through the Ringtone Manager.

the iphonr ringtone maker program SUCKS, complete waste of money.Iv wasted the last 2 days trying to get it to work ans i cannot.Ive moved files from iTunes to win exp, no option to right click from there to "create a ringtone" even though i have that set to on in the settings, and cannot drag to the ringtonemaker .whats up?
Aug 6, 2007
I have the iPhoneringtonemaker and it works fine for me i have different ringtone for all my boys. All you do is mark the part of the song or whatever tone you want then press create button the send it to your iPhone the turn your iPhone off then back on and the tone can be used. it wont let u use it if you haven't turn the fone off.:laugh2: It was the best 10 bucks i spent for this iPhone and it works with the new firmware update also that can out on Aug 1


Jun 30, 2007
The iPhoneringtonemaker works perfectly for me.

Same here... Love the program, they did really well with it.

I only have one objection with it. It makes you build in a slow increase of volume to your ringtone. The lowest being one. So all the ringtones I've made using Audacity, I had to go back in and add a second of no sound to the beginning.