Help with my iTunes library that's located on a external USB HD.


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Jul 15, 2007
I keep all of my 113gb of music in mp3 format on a external USB hard drive that I carry with me for use on my laptop when I travel.

Well every now and then I forget to plug in the USB hard drive and I'll start iTunes. Or I want into the iTunes store to listen for new tunes without connecting the hard drive. iTunes will then have a big ol exclamation point next to each song because the hard drive is not connected.

I'll plug in the hard drive and then I go to click on a song to play it will ask if you want to locate the song because it has been moved.

How do I keep iTunes from asking me that for each and every song that it have. My collection is very large composing of around 22,000 songs. So I don't necessary want to go in and do that for every song.

The only other thing I can think of is to run the "add folder to library" to basically refresh the files. But with that many songs it usually takes quite a while to load them again.

If anyone has any suggestions then please elaborate! I'm new to iTunes so any help is welcome other than telling me to not to forget to plug in the HD.

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Jul 5, 2007
hold down the option button when launching iTunes and keep pressing it until you see a window that will ask you to choose a library for iTunes to use. Navigate to your external drive and select the main iTunes folder, which has the music folder and the .xml files in it. Then iTunes will launch and your songs should be accessible without the exclamation mark. Let me know if this works.

Hope this helps.