Help with phone through car stereo adapter?


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Oct 2, 2007
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Hey Everyone,
I just received an adapter that plugs into the back of my double din factory stereo for my 99 Volvo C70 where the cd changer would plug in. It looks like an S-video plug that goes into a little black box and another cord comes out that clicks into my iPhone like thet standard ribbon plug. When I plug it in a message comes up 'adapter not designed for iPhone do you want to shut of phone for better audio playback' or something like that. I select no so my phone will still work. The music plays through my car stereo and sounds awesome. Other 'system sounds' such as the beep when I click on the cable and the unlock slider sound comes through. When my phone rings the music volume lowers right down to nothing and the ring tune playes through my speakers and that is where my issue is. I have to unlug the phone from the car adapter to be able to hear a call. You would think that the phone volume would just come through the speakers and the mic on the phone would pick up my voice, but is doesn't. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong in the settings or is it only set up to do that if you were running it out of the headphone jack? If so is it possible to write a program that would allow the iPhone to have the call audio come through that cable. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me bonkers !
Thanks in advance


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Jun 20, 2007
Me too...

I have the exact same problem. I can hear the phone ringing through the car stereo, but can't hear the person over the car's stereo. Sorry to hear this is true for you too....that pretty much means there's no solution.