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Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by chris, Dec 23, 2011.

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    I'd like to do some year end polling to help decide the best apps of 2011. I'd like to do paid, free and iPad. I'd like your help in establishing titles that should be on that initial list. Here's my criteria:
    • Must be a best seller, high grossing/downloaded app
    • Can be from any category
    • Must have been released in 2011
    If you have suggestions, let me know. In the meantime, what were your best apps of 2011.
    Here are a few that I'm thinking of right now:
    • Tweetbot
    • Jetpack
    • Flipboard
    • Infinity Blade 2
    • Grand Theft Auto 3
    • Pimp Your Screen
    • Path
    • The Daily
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    I don't know how to tell if an app meets the first criteria but here are two apps from 2011 I like.

    Though I rarely game on my iPhone, I found that SPY mouse was a well polished and well executed app. While I have several games on my device for those "just in case" scenarios, SPY mouse has been my go to lately when I'm waiting in these crazy Christmas shopping lines.

    Another 2011 app that has become integrated into my iOS experience is Notefile. I was never really happy with the way the stock Notes app synced with my gmail account. I had read about Notefile somewhere and decided to give it a try. In my opinion it is slightly more elegant than the stock app, and weighing in at $5 I guess it ought to be.
  3. AndytheClown

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    May 25, 2011
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    My most used apps..

    Games would be imame with an iCade from PC World and Smurfs. I know but the village got very addictive.

    Utils would be FileApp and WirelessUSB

    Most used apps are Facebook and Twitter @andytheclown

    Most addictive would be Lab Solitaire

    Best purchase would be World of Goo

    Best reason to buy an iPad 2? Infinity Blade 2 plus every other app I've kept on my pad!
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