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Discussion in 'iPhone 4S' started by bullylove2166, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Nov 8, 2012
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    I just got a iPhone 4S and I know how to set a wallpaper/background but why does it insist on making me crop it? Why won't the whole picture take up the whole screen? It's irritating because there are spacific iPhone pictures I want to use but they don't look good cause they don't fit the screen. Please help is this some setting I have to change because my bf has the same phone and his pictures fit his screen.
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    iPhone 4S wallpaper needs to sized at 960 x 640 and for the retina display, a resolution of 326 pixels per inch to look the best. If for example you attempt to use an image that is say, 640 x 480, it won't fill the screen. If you are starting with a higher resolution image that is at least 960x640 or larger it should center and fill the screen.

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