Helping us properly file outdated information


Jun 10, 2006
Long Island, NY
As many of you know, we've been around well before the iPhone. As a result, we've built up quite a resource of posts and information about the iPhone and iPad. Some of this information dates back to the original iPhone. It was $600 on contract, didn't support MMS and there was no App Store. Of course, things have change quite a bit since the the first iPhone. As a result, there is a significant amount of information that exists within the forum that may have incorrect or be outdated. For example, information related to the iPhone's inability to send MMS. As I find posts, these will be moved to the archives -- specifically a new Outdated Information forum. For kicks, you can always visit and laugh about the good ole days.

This isn't a small task and I could use your help. If you see information posted that is factually incorrect, please use the report a post feature and mention the reason. A post can be old, yet still be correct and will remain in its current location.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 4.17.37 PM.png

I'd ask moderators to review the post and move it to the Outdated Information category if it meets the above criteria.

This information will still be available in the forum, but noted as 'Outdated'. This should help users who are visiting the site and come across older posts. I'm going to work on some visual cues to reinforce that it's old, invalid information.

If someone is overly ambitious and shows an aptitude for finding outdated information, I may be able to provide limited access to moving content.

Thanks for your continued support of eiC. It's greatly appreciated!