Heres a thought concerning why Apple chose a crappy data network


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Jul 7, 2007
I was thinking to myself the day i got my iPhone; Why the hell would Apple choose AT&T to support a data dependent and inspired device? I mean, I can't remember when the last time Apple made a dumbass decision like that. AT&T has been a service I've avoided for as long as possible because of it's lousy data services but I made the switch thinking I could deal with it but MAN edge sucks! lol

Everything I've read so far and interviews with Steve Jobs ive watched... anytime he was confronted with the issue of the EDGE data network, Jobs didn't really answer the question. Instead, he seemed to continually emphasize the WiFi capabilities of the phone. Ok, Steve... but you know as well as I know that WiFi in the US is growing but no where near enough to rely on for something like this! Still... we keep emphasizing the WiFi capabilities of the iPhone almost as if EDGE was more of a backup source like analog was to digital just a few years ago. So what's up your sleeves, Apple?!

After sitting and thinking about how great Apple has been and continues to get, I was reminded of something else... how beautiful and amazing GOOGLE is and is continuing to get. Then I thought... wow... Apple knows this so much that they even included a google maps function specifically for the iPhone with a functionality that works just for the iPhone. Maybe it was just an obvious adaptation for a phone... or maybe... maybe Apple and google are falling in love with each other behind the scenes.

Continuing to dig deeper and deeper, I discovered that GOOGLE has been buying up fiber optics. TONS OF IT. Currently, Google is, i believe 2nd in the world for how much fiber it owns... second only to Telco, or rather... the Telephone Companies. All of them. Combined. Google denies this completely lol. But its there... you can look up to see how much of fiber world google owns now. But why? Google is a large and growing network yes... but they don't provide anything that would require their reach to be so extensive. Especially since they so well known for free services with such great benefits...wait. Do you think maybe.... they're secretly building the worlds largest WiFi network? Wow... no wonder they'd want to keep that a secret. Knowing google... all you'd need is a gmail login as a network password.... wait... thats right! They ALREADY DO THAT IN HOME AREA IN CALIFORNIA! Brilliant!

If this speculation is true, then that would explain why Apple isn't so concerned about ATT's edge network sucking so bad and why they keep emphasizing the WiFi capabilities of the iPhone. Because soon enough, google will have managed to built a WiFi network that will reach almost anywhere you could care about. And no, this isn't crazy thinking at all. Establishing high bandwidth hotspots in large scope is actually simple simple concept these days. Its just a matter of having the resources and the means to sustain them. And if you know google like the rest of us do, you knoww that they do well with obtaining and sustaining amazing services for free. And when you aren't charging for it, you don't run into monopoly issues.



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Jul 2, 2007
Interesting thought. I bet that took a while to think about...seems like a lot of reasoning behind the whole observation. I just hope something like that happens.