Here's just one reason to disable automatic app updates on iOS 7

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Rafagon, Oct 17, 2013.

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    Here's just one reason to disable automatic app updates on iOS 7:

    photo.PNG (click the thumbnail to the left to expand and make more readable; read the description below the "Seene" app [the green arrow points to the part I would like you to read])

    So, how does one disable automatic app updates on iOS 7?

    Here's how:

    On your iPhone, go to "Settings > iTunes & App Store." Then scroll down to the "AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS" heading (about halfway down on that particular screen). Under Updates, set the switch to OFF, as follows:

    photo.PNG (click the thumbnail to the left to expand and make more readable)

    Had you had your Automatic Updates set to ON (Settings > iTunes and App Store > Updates), your Seene app would have received an update that would have basically crippled it.

    Hope this post was helpful to you guys!
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    I like to see my changelogs, so have it set to off by default. I do see auto app updates as a good thing for most people. My wife never and I mean never updates here apps. I'm sure some of here apps were last updated in iOS 4.
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    Thanks for this info.

    I have at times come across Apps that say Oops don't update. New better one on the way. With automatic updates I don't have a choice so maybe I'll cut it off. But I tell you, I'm loving not having to make sure things are updated so much anymore. However, this is something to strongly argue against automatic updates.

    Thanks again.
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    Thanks for this but it seems on an iOS 7 the auto update currently works when wifi is enabled. I never got it to update apps automatically while on lte. I am using an iPhone 5s and all my settings are set to auto update. Am I missing something?

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    The first pic says the update doesn't work correctly, so if you have things set for auto-update, and rely on that particular app, you'd be SOL until they come out with yet another update.

    I'd imagine this would be the case for other apps as well every now and then.

    I keep automatic updates off just because I like checking all the time. It's like winning the Lotto. Ok, maybe not.
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    The track record of Apple and APP makers is simply not good enough to allow for confidence when using automatic updates.

    Users should be fully aware of all changes to their devices and make those changes themselves.

    Don't use auto update.
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    I don't allow programs to automatically update on my PC and I won't allow them on my phone either.

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