Here's one for ya.. a Google/contact/sync type question.

Not sure what category this belongs in, feel free to move it if needed.

Ok.. take a deep breath and here we go:

1) I set up a gmail account for Dad so he could sync his contacts/calendars on his iPhone.

2) Tried logging into his gmail account to export the current contact list. I can't remember the password and (of course) neither can he.

3) Have tried a BUNCH of things to get the contacts to sync TO the phone and can't.

* can't sync them FROM the iPhone to anything (Outlook, Yahoo!, etc.)

* Contact list ON the phone won't sync with the Gmail contact list

Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to get the contacts saved or transfered somewhere?

I've tried getting a hold of Gmail, but they apparently don't exist when it comes to support. They have a miriad of forms and everything that keep pointing to the same non-answers. I filled out a form and "Might" be getting an answer within 7-10 days.



Jul 10, 2008
Go to on your computer and follow the instructions... It should work (it did for me)... Good luck...
Tried that already. No email, no "answer the security question" no nothing. I think that their form/system might be broken. I've pretty much given up on the "trying to get the password" avenue! :p

I've moved onto the "there's GOT to be a way to get these contacts off of the phone" side of the street.

It's looking more and more like pencil and paper time. :)
Just an update to anyone who (God forbid) should run into this problem.

(I tested this on my own phone and it worked)

I found an app in the app store called iDrive Lite. (FREE!)

Fired it up and hit the "Backup" button

I then did a "Wipe all and restore"

I verified that I had all of my contacts.

I then deleted my GoogleSync account from the iPhone

Checked and all of my contacts were still there! (Yay!)

I re-added the GoogleSync account and now I have the contacts in two groups. "On The iPhone" and "GoogleSync"


Now assuming that I can still connect on Dad's phone tomorrow I should be good to go.