Here's the video of me wrapping a Porsche for PCA

Now I know why there was no lunch time.
This is quiet some work . Looks great. Shiny!
I bet the owner was happy.
In Germany they use a lot of materials (some are like this product) they do not have here.
yeah the owner was super stoked. I tried so hard to squeeze in some time for lunch too.. Just didn't happen. Next time though for sure.
Very nice! My E55AMG is about 12 years old now and maybe it's getting close to time to look into this. Is it cheaper than a high-end paint job?
Definitely cheaper then a high end paint job and much more customizable. The pearls and metallic wrap materials out now are mind blowing. I've got my jetta wrapped in brushed steel! It's crazy


Jul 21, 2010
Oh man, that's really nice. My Audi is a lease but I'm planning on just buying it out when the lease is done, and if the already crappy paint that Audi put on gets any worse I might do it in a year or so.
Nov 14, 2008
Cairo, Egypt.
That looks brilliant, great job! I must tell you, though, there's something much easier that you can cover a whole car, including rims, using, and it's called Plasti Dip. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Only recently it was brought to my attention and I'm already in love with it. Not only because you won't have to go through the hassle of wrapping, trying to get rid of any air bubbles, etc. but also because taking it off is as easy as any.

It's also pretty cheap considering it is supposed to last for 3 years, and you can create additional coatings every year or so to make it stronger and for it to last longer. I don't think the company ships outside the EU, though, which sucks.

Check out these videos: