hey can some one please make the downgrade easier?


Aug 27, 2007
Simply use iASign or whatever you use to bypass activation.

ye its says simply but i have prblem to do that, everything went well like its say below - Thanks to great finds by members, WE ARE NOW ABLE TO DOWNGRADE OUR PHONES! I just wanted to make a simple guide for people with PC's to follow

Start iTunes and plug in your 1.1.1 phone

In 1.1.1, hold Power and Home buttons and count 10 seconds (your phone will turn off, just keep counting), release the power button but continue to hold the home button until your phone is recognized by iTunes. (phone screen will be blank)

A message will pop up and ask you to restore your iPhone. Holding down the SHIFT key, click on the restore button. Navigate to your 1.0.2 software

Begin restoring...

When it's done, you will get an ERROR, click OK. Your phone should show a yellow triangle. Leave iTunes running and run AppTap.

AppTap might encounter an error as well, however, it will bring your phone to the Activation screen. Once again, start iTunes, ignore all messages from it, and run AppTap. Now it will jailbreak your phone and install Installer. (You may have to retsart your PC after arriving at the activation screen if iTunes isn't recognizing your phone)

Simply use iASign or whatever you use to bypass activation.

Your phone is now back to 1.0.2.

(I am using iTunes

WI-FI, calls, everything fully functional!

-------------------but i still have problem with that some one please help - Simply use iASign or whatever you use to bypass activation


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Sep 26, 2007
Hey can some one write exactly how to do the downgrade because the activation window is not to clear thanks please help guys
When it comes time to activate just start up iTunes. It will activate and restore your last backup.