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    Peace iCafe'ers!
    I have a question regarding Siri.

    When you activate "Hey Siri" you have to record ways to say "Hey Siri" on.
    Can you record other words to activate Siri, like just saying "Siri", or "Hello Siri."
    Thanks for info!
    //God Bless, Richard.
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    I found this on the Apple support docs, where they say it isn't possible:


    Looking at the Settings > Siri screen, it pretty much shows that "Hey, Siri" is hard-coded and not user customizable.

    You can change the language Siri uses, and the activation phrase will change accordingly. For example, in French "Hey, Siri!" becomes "Dis Siri", but then you'll have to talk to her in French. That's about as much “customization" of the activation phrase as you're going to get.

    Please let me know if this answers your question to your satisfaction, if not I will go into greater detail.

    God Bless you too, Richard. :)
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