Hi-end games for iPhone 6

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Oct 15, 2007
Las Vegas
some games i enjoy are injustice, GTA-SA, phoenix wright dual destinies (a 3ds game ported to iphone, looks and plays well), breach and clear, kingdom rush games are good tower defense games ( a new one just came out) , infinity blade 3...thats all i got lol


Jul 21, 2010
GTA vice city is super fun, and I've been looking at the "longest journey" I've heard lots of good things about that game.


Oct 23, 2007
Louisville, KY
+1 for Oceanhorn. Big fan of the genre (Zelda is one of my favorite series of games, and this is about as close as we're ever gonna get on iOS). Many hours of playability if you're into this kind of game.

Asphalt 8: Airborne by Gameloft

Metallized, very pretty to look at, but difficult to progress due to the freemium model.

If you like the FPS Call of Duty copycat style, then MC5 is also worth a look. I don't have it, since I'm not big on these kind of FPSes (I'm more the fast paced open ended type), but I've seen it in videos/playthroughs, and it looks pretty good as far as those go

Modern Combat 5: Blackout by Gameloft

For another taste of those, here's another freebie from Gameloft

Brothers in Arms® 3: Sons of War by Gameloft

I just picked that one up and will check it out. edit: it doesn't look nearly as impressive as MC5. It might not actually be running at full res, I can see some blurry pixels once in game. Don't know if that's a tradeoff for better performance or if they just haven't really updated it for the 6/6+ resolutions. MC5 is definitely in a whole other league compared to this.

CSR Classics by NaturalMotion

This one's not so much "racing" as it is "tapping on a gear shift icon at the right time and then grinding to upgrade the car", and the freemium gets in the way as usual, but as with RR3 and Asphalt 8, very pretty visuals

If you're into RPGs, here's a decent one:

The Bard's Tale by inXile Entertainment

(Also on sale at the moment according to its description)

I've played it a bit and really liked what I saw thus far. It's one of those self-spoofy games, and has some edgy content (don't play it with the kids ;) ). I like games like this that make fun of themselves. It's high resolution, as far as I can tell, but not high poly count (which is probably to be expected for a game ported from 2004). The content is, however, well done. Voice acting, music, ambience, etc.

If tower defense can fit your idea of high end, try Defenders. They've got Metal

Defenders by NIVAL, INC.

Here's an RTS I just picked up and kinda looks good (also Metallized):

Plunder Pirates by Rovio Stars Ltd.

edit: it's pretty much a Clash of Clans-like thing that looks nice. Nothing too exciting here. My bad

I'll keep rummaging through my game library to find those that have been updated and get reacquainted with them. There are a few I haven't gotten around to playing yet and can't vouch for...
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