hi.i am not sure what should i do...i am a newbee..

Oct 19, 2007
hi fellow forum members...

i am a new bee and i had my software unlocked 8gb iPhone for about a month..

i am loving it...however i have some questions..now i want to do some firmware upgrade, i did my research and i am not just sure whats the safe and stable way to do it..

My concerns are:

1. i don' know if my phone was unlocked with Anysim app?..in the ibrick software, i don't see Anysim in the installed application list..thereforee, i assume that mine is unlocked differently than jailbrocken one..isn; t it?

2.is there a need to upgrade to 1.1.1? or shoudl i wait til 1.1.2 is safely tested by dev team?

3. if i decided to update to 1.1.1...do i have to virginize my software unlocked iPhone?

many people have downgraded from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2..and maybe i shouldn't upgrade to 1.1.1.....

thanks for the help guys...


New Member
Oct 2, 2007
normally ppl who unlock the phones delete the anysim app after unlocking the phone because you don't need it anymore.. and yes you have to revirginize your phone before updating