highest score on cube runner

Discussion in 'iPhone Apps and Games' started by Iphonehead, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Iphonehead

    Iphonehead New Member

    I find myself playing and liking this more than any other game out, and I paid 10 dollars for super monkey ball which I really don't like.......so for everyone that plays this, what's your high scores?

    mines 237 on hard
  2. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot

    I've only managed about 250....but on easy :p
  3. Avatar

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  4. Cloverfield

    Cloverfield Member

    169 on easy LOL
  5. bubbamorgan91

    bubbamorgan91 Member

    im downloading it NOW.
  6. smknSRT8

    smknSRT8 Zealot

    me too! expect my high score in about five minutes! haha jk
  7. lilshyguy604

    lilshyguy604 New Member

    175 on hard :S
  8. smknSRT8

    smknSRT8 Zealot

    damnnn hard is hard! its so fast at first, I am just going to have to practice a lot!!
  9. Cloverfield

    Cloverfield Member

    I've managed over 300 on easy now.
  10. Ag-Ryan

    Ag-Ryan New Member

    133 on hard
    170 on easy
    150 something on medium

    LAPTOP GAMER New Member

    OK i just got 157 on easy.
  12. Iphonehead

    Iphonehead New Member

    I got mines to 323 on hard

    LAPTOP GAMER New Member

    Dam, you're good!
  14. Mike12000

    Mike12000 Member

    About 175 on easy.

    Haven't played that much yet. Very fun game!
  15. Revin9k

    Revin9k New Member

    1311 on easy. killin u guys!
  16. Mike12000

    Mike12000 Member

    Strong in you the force is, Revin9k.
  17. Yes, but we take time out to take showers and brush our teeth...:laugh2:
  18. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Damn. I only managed to get 165 on Easy.
  19. fury

    fury Evangelist

    1686. Of course, I cheated, so that doesn't count. (Lock your phone while the game is running, it will magically stop the cube field, but the score will still count up)
  20. smknSRT8

    smknSRT8 Zealot

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA you should have wait to tell people how you got so good! LMAO
  21. fury

    fury Evangelist

    I don't like fostering false legends. ;) I'd rather I really be that good before I brag about it. :p

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