Hiking/Backpacking season

Now that the weather is getting nice I am pretty excited to start some adventures this year. I am leaving this Thursday and doing a 31 mile hike in central PA. Few buddies and I are doing the West Rim Trail in Pennsylvania's "grand canyon". I have my Kelty 65 all packed and ready to go next to my front door. The only thing that's missing is the 2 flasks of Bunnahabhain 18 year old scotch I am finally cracking open for warmth at night(y)


Apr 4, 2011
Somewhere between DC and Baltimore.
I have such a hard time since we have not been in Germany.
I like Meindl (they are different here then they are in Germany :( )
I also had Hanwag before.
The Lowa factory is in Germany too. I wish we were going home sniff...
I guess I check some Keen at REI