Hints at Changes to Next MacBook Air Models


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Dec 27, 2012
One of the first rumors of the seasons seems to be about internal changes to the macbook air. A report from a no so reliable Taipei-based Digitimes states that the industrial design will not see major changes in 2013. The report makes no mention of displays however, the area of focus lately has been the display as seen by the edge-to-edge glass retina displays on the new high end Macbook Pros.
As for the Macbook Air, there has been little chatter about the retina retina to the display. The only thing that is for certain is a new chip platform which the Digitimes indeed mentions. Intel is expected to release its 4th generation core “Haswell” processor. These Haswell processors should be seen in the new Macbooks by the mid of the year. Haswell tends to be more power efficient so Apple will more than likely try to squeeze the new chip in a thinner design with longer lasting batteries. There is also rumor that Haswell will include a graphics processing unit (GPU) which will increase graphics performance in comparison to previous generation core processors.
Source: http://www.apple-iphone-help.com/2012/12/29/hints-at-changes-to-the-macbook-air/
I think this could get interesting. With a new more energy efficient chip and improved GPU, I'd hope to see the new MBA get the edge-to-edge glass retina display especially if, somehow, they make them even smaller. While I know this is all just speculation, this does seem to go with Apple's update trend.