honestly, people will find anything to complain about...not me


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Mar 7, 2007
i'm not too happy about it having a proprietary headphone jack.....
I used my iPod for workin' out at my friend's house. We would hook the iPod up to his stereo with a "mini-jack" to composite converter cable....guess I'll have to go get some other kinda adapter.....
I don't think it has a proprietary jack. The reason an adapter may be needed is due to how recessed the jack is in the phone. Some headphones (like my shures) have a right angle headphone plug that won't reach far enough into the phone.

I do agree that this doesn't seem like good engineering on Apples part though.


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Jun 26, 2007
I like to know what the iPhone has that no other Cell Phone or PDA has. I am not talking about links on the homepage.

The only thing I see is the way it handle SMS (chat like) and Visual Voice Mail.

Wouldn't you think a new phone would have all the latest and greatest stuff considering the price tag and not just make something old look newer.

I am purchasing one, only because it's the new hype and got the money to blow.
Mind you, I haven't held the phone, but just going off of what I've read:

What iPhone offers that the others don't:
  • OSX - A stable platform, can you say that about the rest?
  • Visual Voicemail - This is a biggie.
  • Multi-touch - a biggie
  • An extremely high resolution screen.
  • a 3.5 inch screen.
  • The ability to play music that actually sounds sonically great.
  • The map feature with live traffic status.
  • Virtual keyboard with error correction.
  • Safari - meaning full web pages
  • Coverflow
  • Ease of use
  • 4 or 8 GB of memory.
  • The ability to use it as a hard drive.
  • Auto sensors to turn the screen off when on a call.
  • Automatic switching to wireless network.
  • Native YouTube application.
  • 2 MP camera.
  • The ability to change things entirely by a software update offered by iTunes.

I mean come on. Why do people dwell on what's not there and minimize what is there. I'm sure someone will say, the sanyo xyz has a 3 MP camera, or the Nokio BBQ has Instant Messaging, but in reality, no other phone comes close as far as what it presents to you as the user. Not only the features, but the actual form and function.

How easy is it to make a conference call on your present phone? Are you actually proud when you whip it out? Apple has a history of creating products that are not only a pleasure to work with, but that are also a pleasure to look at., See the iPod versus the Zune. See the latest iMacs versus nearly any PC out there. See the iPhone versus the world.

Mac makes things that happen to work, right out of the box and then if there is an problem, often they correct it through a "FREE" patch even before you're aware of it. Can you say the same thing about MS Service packs or even upgrades on your cell phones' software?

What sort of striations do you have to go through to import your pictures from your phone to your computer, and when you do, can you find them? Well expect to find your pics in iPhoto. it all works together so freaking well when you complain less and appreciate more.


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Jun 16, 2007
im with you on this. no its not perfect, nothing is, and nothing will ever be good enough for everybody.

-its not as fast or useful as a laptop, but you can take the iPhone anywhere unlike a laptop
-its not quite as good as an ipod (memory wise)
-its not a handheld GPS, but gives you turn by turn directions and traffic conditions

but it's an amazing device that balances all these features great. and its smaller than any smartphone out there, with more features than most.

this is by far the best phone on the market, and will be until iPhone 2.0 (who knows when that will be available in the us)


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Jun 26, 2007
now we're complaining about the people that complain. HAHAHahahahahaha
Naw, I'm not complaining about this guy complaining, it's just that he mentioned that there are only two differences between iPhone and other phones on the market and you simply have to be blind and dumb to not see any differences. Though people are overlooking for forest for the trees. Discounting the great things and complaining about the small. I guess in retrospect, they should review their phones and if there are more pluses to that, then above all, stay where they are. As for me, my Treo is dead and in a drawer and this temporary Razr has less about 47 hours before it's collecting dust too.