How can I get FaceTime on iPhone 6 working in India?

Sep 6, 2014
I'm planning to switch from Note 3 to iPhone 6 Plus, I m an Indian residing in Dubai.
Dubai' iPhone doesn't support Facetime. Is it possible I can install facetime without root or I can change entire ROM?

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I live in Abu Dhabi......when i bought the iPhone 5s at Apple Store was labelled Facetime banned in UAE.

Because etisalt won't make profit.
Sep 6, 2014
So is there any solution for facetime or we have to use as it is, I heard there's iPhone available with facetime but don't know about warranty part.


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Jan 23, 2009
Ok having just come back from the ME region after a year it is possible to purchase non-ME market phones in Dubai and other ME countries.

But you need to check the part number corresponds to a Euro or US.

The key is to look at the packaging or the device itself and make sure it is not an A/E version but is an international version. On the A/E versions face time will not work and a colleague of mine had to return an IPAD which had this issue. But the devices I purchased worked fine with no issues and they were sourced from the UK market.

I can confirm that I successfully used facetime on all my devices in ME inc Dubai.

Hope this helps.

PS I believe the reason is due to the thought that users may be encouraged to perform acts or activities that they would not perform using other video conferencing tools and that these may be offend others.

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