How can you search old text messages?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by Duck1098, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Duck1098

    Duck1098 Member

    Its never been easy to scroll up text messages on the iPhone and now with the new update its even worse. Is there an app that would let you search old messages easier than spending 5-10 minutes trying to scroll up to messages from 2 years ago?
  2. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    If you have messages checked in Spotlight search, you should be able to search from there.

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  4. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    iRealSMS is the best solution for this, in my experience, but you have to jailbreak to install it. If enables an inbox and outbox folder that don't have the annoying "load earlier" buttons. Since it doesn't have that limitation, you can quickly scroll to a year or two in the past and search for a text. Another option would be to move the texts to your computer with a text transfer app. This will put them in a format that's easier to scroll through.
    In my experience, using the Spotlight search feature for old texts is worthless. It seems to be unable to find old content.
  5. Duck1098

    Duck1098 Member

    Thanks. yes after searching some more I came across iRealSMS and installed it. But I still see the "load earlier messages" button.
  6. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    It still has "load earlier" in conversations tab. Switch from conversations to folders and you can quickly scroll through messages.
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  7. Duck1098

    Duck1098 Member

    I go to Folders, Inbox, and I see all the messages individually instead of conversation. Do you mean I can scroll down to older messages like that? Because I'd rather use the "load earlier" button lol
  8. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Yeah. The load earlier limitation slows things down quite a bit. You can avoid it with folders, but it's not in conversation view.
  9. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Europa, Why did I have a feeling you would have a better solution for this ?
    YOU are Da Bomb, as they say !

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  10. Duck1098

    Duck1098 Member

    Apparently the only thing that works is software called TouchCopy. Although its not perfect and it freezes when you try to search, at least you can scroll up thousands of text messages from a contact in less than a second. Also going to try PhoneView to see if its any better.
  11. Duck1098

    Duck1098 Member

    Never mind, PhoneView is only for Mac...
  12. Stop feeding her ego. It'll be hard enough keeping her down on the farm as it is. :)
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  13. Why are there so many great apps on jailbroken phones? :/ thinking that I'm afraid to jailbreak mine. I dont know what to doooo. to jailbreak or not. hmmp
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  14. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    Yeah, but on occasion I've posted a question on this forum and received a JB-related answer. Sometimes I wish I could flag my profile to indicate my Stock status and my unwillingness to JB. Some people sometimes put effort into providing an answer that is only suitable for JB'ed users (I applaud them for providing any answer), but it would be nice to see JB-related conversation end up on the forum that has been specifically designated for that.

    I hope you don't JB without first doing your research. When you JB, you're opening up a can of worms that, in my opinion, you should be prepared to deal with before you JB. JB'ing is not a casual practice not without its consequences, which includes the warranty on your iDevice being voided as long as you keep your device in a jailbroken state. They are a lot of footnotes--a lot of baggage, so to speak--to consider, and the jailbreak community is quick to offer a solution that involves JB'ing, often without making the audience of their posts aware of all the caveats that come with jailbreaking.

    Plus, sure, there are a lot of nice tweaks involved, but it's not like they're all free. In fact, some of them come with hefty prices as compared to the apps you find on Apple's App Store.

    JB devs are certainly a for-profit group, and they are by no means doing what they do out of the kindness of their hearts...
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  15. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    If someone doesn't state if their phone is stock or jailbroken, I always try to answer with a stock solution (if there is one) and a jailbroken solution as well. Sometimes the stock solution is fine and that's all that's necessary. Sometimes the jailbroken solution is better.

    The warranty voiding is a non-issue. I've never once seen anyone get denied a replacement or repair because they had jailbroken. All you have to do is restore to factory settings before taking it in. If you forget, they will either tell you to take it to a computer to restore it or they will do it themselves. It depends on the Genius. Bottom line: you don't need to worry about voiding the warranty.

    The prices of the apps in the App Store vary in cost just as much as Cydia apps. The quality of the app generally dictates the price. I actually use Cydia, and the app prices are just as fair as the App Store, IMO.

    You sound like you are searching for reasons not to jailbreak and even going out of your way to discourage others from doing it although you don't have any first-hand experience with it. I do, and I think it's worth it.

    What does that have to do with anything? There is a high demand for jailbreaks. They are simply providing a product that is in demand. Jailbreaks are always free, but the devs are compensated through donations and other sources, and rightfully so - it's a lot of work. What company/group makes a product out of the "kindness of their heart" and receives absolutely no compensation that you are trying to compare this to?
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  16. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    I don't have recent experience with jailbreaking, but the one experience I did have, with my own iPhone, back in 2009, was so negative as to deter me from ever doing it again. And yes, if I can save someone from the nearly 48-hour episode of frustration I experienced back then, then I will gladly do so. I often see that an exceedingly positive picture of jailbreaking is painted by some, without mentioning the undeniable negatives it entails.

    As far as entities offering a product out of the "kindness of their heart," I tend to cite Wikipedia's model. It's provided free (as-is, of course; you should not perform brain surgery based on knowledge gleaned from Wikipedia), and there is a yearly fundraiser during which Jimmy Wales humbly asks for donations. They don't even use serve you annoying ads to help you meet "local horny women!"

    I do not remember the last time I payed anything over $10 for an app that wasn't written by the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, and Tom-Tom USA.

    I could attempt to state that these Cydia devs aren't big-name people, but for all I know, they are "real" devs with day jobs at Adobe operating under underground pseudonyms. If that is the case, then I can't help but wonder why they don't publish for the JB community under their real names.
  17. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    48 hours? A restore takes less than an hour. Sorry you had a bad experience with it. We might have been able to help you with that if you had been on eiC at the time. There are pros and cons, but the pros far outweigh the cons for me. I've been jailbreaking for nearly five years and I haven't experienced any of these undeniable negatives you speak of. Just be prepared for people with lots of experience to counter the fallacies if you do embark on an anti-jailbreaking mission here.

    Most jailbreak apps, tweaks and themes are free or only a couple dollars. A few are $10 or more. This is no different from the App Store. I paid $25 for a dictionary app and $29 for a VNC app in the App Store, for example.

    So they still accept donations, eh? Sounds familiar. ;)

    I can list their real names if you want them. The information is easy to find. Many work in computer security. One even worked for Apple security for a year or so.
  18. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    Like I said, I didn't know eiC back then, and certainly didn't know you =) I'm sure you could've gotten me out of my nasty situation in under 15 minutes with a quick post :) You are one of the more iOS-knowledgeable people I've ever come across...

    I probably wouldn't have the somewhat dark place in my heart I have for JB'ing if I'd known you guys back then!

    No need to list anyone's real name; if the information is readily available, that would be good enough for me if I should ever want to go the JB route again.
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  19. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

  20. Europa

    Europa Moderator

  21. Kadelic

    Kadelic Genius

    Things have changed. It's not without risks, and you still have to be careful, but it's a lot easier for the most part. :)

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