How do i delete my account

Discussion in 'Feedback and Site Help' started by Nate Augustin, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Nate Augustin

    Nate Augustin New Member

    everytime i look up my name on google this account shows up . Anyone know how to delete or change my username ?
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  2. chris

    chris Administrator

    Send me a PM with your requested username and I can get it changed for you.
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  4. Same here, I want my username changed to ChristianReneFriborg. Thanks
  5. Rugaby

    Rugaby Genius

    New users are getting more and more demanding.

    Next thing you know Kevin will want the underscore back.
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  6. Lilvelvettj

    Lilvelvettj Guest

    There is no choice on this site to Delete Account. Ive wasted an hour looking for something then an extra half hour scouring the site for a link to delete. Not a good site if it doesn't have links and is diversely complicated to use.
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  7. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    Chris runs this site, I'm sure if you sent him a PM or an email he will help you.

    @ChristianReneFriborg you may be better creating a new thread, unless @chris chimes in and helps out.
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  8. chris

    chris Administrator

    We don't include links to delete your account. It's something that's handled by administrators. I'm sorry you've found our site 'complicated'. I've gone ahead as per your request to delete your account.
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  9. Obviously hasn't spent much time on the internet.
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  10. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    You have a cool name. It's reminiscent of a heroic guitar rock star who is rebooting the government of a post-apocalyptic Germany.

    Welcome to the forum!
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  11. Just excuse Rafagon. He's our escaped lunatic. I saw him on another forum recently. Same way. :D
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  12. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    Yup, I went cross-eyed reading that.
  13. Rafagon

    Rafagon Genius

    How'd you know that was me? I used a fake name so no one would know about those odd dreams I talked about involving Betty White and the forniphilic gag...:(
  14. medenblik

    medenblik Contributor

    What's the Internet. ;)

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