How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by via iPhone, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. via iPhone

    via iPhone New Member

    im noob so here we go. im just wondering how i delete songs off the iphone. i go to itunes and under My iPhone than music.. i see all the songs but their all faded kind of. and im not able to click them or delete them some how. is there a setting i should be noticed about? thanks
  2. bbguy5

    bbguy5 New Member

    go to your playlists and delete them from there.
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  4. hexonxonx

    hexonxonx New Member

    Or simply go to iTunes to your music library and find the song in the list and uncheck it. Then when you sync, the song will be removed from your Iphone.
  5. mjeagent

    mjeagent New Member

    Yeah, no way to do it right from the phone.
  6. how do i delete songs from my iphone

    i think i am missing something, i need to go uncheck 1,500 songs and then resync my phone?! then, do i need to recheck them in order for them to play on my computer?

    my phone synced all my songs the last time i charged it and now there is no room on my phone.
  7. SikShift

    SikShift Zealot

    Pretty much...
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  8. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    SikShift is right. If you don't want those on your phone any longer, uncheck the particular songs you want removed. You must also be sure to check the option "Only sync checked songs and media". You can highlight multiple songs at once and choose to either "Check or Uncheck selection" to make it a bit easier.
  9. Ace2009

    Ace2009 New Member

    This is through iTunes, right?
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  10. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    That is correct. You manage the files on the iPhone/iPod through iTunes exclusively.
  11. Mike12000

    Mike12000 Member

    I've always managed all of my iPhone songs through various playlists. One playlist I sync has about 900 songs. I can delete entire playlists with one click from the iPhone main menu screen on my PC or I can go into individual playlists and delete songs or blocks of songs from there.

    Sounds like you issue may stem from the songs being "grayed out". I've never seen that. On a PC I can highlight a song, Shift and left click at the bottom of the group I want to delete and remove songs as a group that way on iTunes, from a playlist I wish to modify for the iPhone.

    I dunno, hope that's some help...
  12. aniatara

    aniatara New Member

    I want to delete songs from the iPod on my iPhone. I went to iTunes on my Mac and deleted them there and synced the iPhone again but the songs are still there. Then I rebooted the phone and they still are there. I hate them! How do I get them off once they are no longer in iTunes on my computer?
  13. iBanana

    iBanana Member

    if they are off your computer and itunes and you synced they shouldnt be on your phone. try doing it again
  14. aniatara

    aniatara New Member

    Where do I find the option "Only sync checked songs and media". I can't find it in the preferences or drop down menu of iTunes on my computer. Hopefully I'm just overlooking it!
  15. aniatara

    aniatara New Member

    Wish I could say it worked but it didn't :-(
  16. aniatara

    aniatara New Member

    It worked! Yeah! I had deleted them on iTunes on my computer but not on my iPhone through iTunes. So I did it right now. Thanks so much!
  17. canuckatl

    canuckatl New Member

  18. sweetness5801

    sweetness5801 New Member

    Canuckati, thanks for the link, it was very helpful and solved my problem. Many thanks!
  19. ratman20

    ratman20 New Member

    Thank You ! Now I Have another Question. I down loaded music and the words or off and low the instrumental is ok
  20. rockermw

    rockermw New Member

    Simply click your Iphone's name on Itunes and you will see Options and enable "Manually manage music and videos"
    then you can delete song and set everything you can.
  21. bian999

    bian999 New Member


    just go to your iphone in the devices list, and go to summary, then tick the box beside "manually manage music and videos"

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