How do I get AM radio on my iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iMerlin, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    So I was listening to some tunes last night on my phone while doing some work around the garage and realized that my favorite team was currently playing on AM radio. I used to have regular headphones with AM and FM radio on it so I would just listen to the game on AM and be happy. But I dont know how to do that with my iPhone.
    I have Orb for streaming and Ive successfully added internet radio stations to Orb. However, I spent hours trying to locate this particlular AM station and couldnt find anything.
    So, my question is, how can I get baseball games on my iPhone?
  2. umbrabellator

    umbrabellator New Member

    Get an AM radio and tune in to your game. Then, set the radio on top of your iPhone.

    There ya go..."AM radio on your iPhone".

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  4. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    I tried that but there was so much GSM I couldnt stand it! LOL
  5. matt4492

    matt4492 New Member

    i no there are some web apps that work great with baseball and keep you pretty much up to date on every pitch, but i do not know of a web app that allows you to stream the annoucement, which i believe is what you are looking for.

    the web app is fumbleview dot com if you wanted to try that out
  6. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    Yeah, for baseball its and it works ok if I want to continually check my phone for the play by play. But my hands were covered in greese and dirty from working in the garage so I didnt want to touch my phone. I also have IntelliScreen running so the updates are right there on my slide to unlock screen, but again, I didnt want to touch my phone.
    I think I just need to find the radio station URL but for some reason Im having a hell of a time doing so.
  7. chrismmm

    chrismmm New Member

    you are will find something eventually
  8. jslappa

    jslappa New Member

    In my opinion, the first thing to do is to visit the web site of your local AM station that broadcasts the games. Many AM sites stream their sportscasts almost live, save for the FCC panic-button delay.

    iPhone news is slow today so tell me the name of your team, and the call letters of the AM station and I will help you do some digging.
  9. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    jslappa, that would be excellent. My team is the White Sox and they are on AM670 the Score. Web site...

    They do stream it on there but I cant get that stream on my phone. If I try to access it from Safari it doesnt work cause its Flash. So I think I need to find the URL for it and add that to Orb. But like I said Im not finding it anywhere.
  10. jslappa

    jslappa New Member

    Hey iMerlin,

    While I am searching, go to and sign up for their Beta Tester deal. The site is not active yet for users, but it is the tech that streams many radio stations on the internet. Your station (WSCRAM) streams its shows with

    If we can't find a link, you may get a private link as a beta tester.
  11. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    Ill do that, thanks jslappa
  12. jslappa

    jslappa New Member

    OK, I am streaming WSCR-AM live from my ORB 2.0 on my PC to my iPhone's ORBLive icon. Since you said you have added internet radio stations before, I will just give you the URL to add. Good luck, it should work, as I am streaming it right now! [​IMG]
  13. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    HELL YEAH JSLAPPA! If I could hit the Thanks button twice I would. Works like a charm! Thats what Ive been searching for. How and where did you find it?
  14. jslappa

    jslappa New Member

    HaHa. It certainly took some digging on my part. In the end, the only format streaming that station was ebedded in Flash, as you are aware. However, some resourceful guys in a PSP Radio forum had a link to a sister site of WSCR-AM. It was something like

    I just inserted WSCRAM instead of KRCKFM and my Orb program showed me two different streams to choose from. Both worked, so I gave you one. Enjoy and you're welcome.
  15. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    I knew I would get to thank you twice!
  16. iMerlin

    iMerlin New Member

    jslappa, this didnt work afterall. When I tested it earlier today it matched up to what was currently on the radio. But I tried it again now since the Sox are on, and it wasnt the Sox game. It was some other program that isnt even local.
    I guess my seach continues. Thanks for trying though.
  17. jslappa

    jslappa New Member

    I wonder if the SOX games are blacked out in your area. Here is a link to CBS Radio, which then links you to a page where you can find the stream from your radio station. I clicked on that right now and it started a show where some guys are saying "I don't like him" and they are talking about a bunch of different guys. I then went to my Orb program and opened it. Then I went to my iPHone and clicked on the ORB icon on my phone. I picked the 670 station I gave you and I now have the .........

    Strike that... I just heard on your station that the SOX games are NOT allowed to be played online. Your link works perfectly, but their games are not being streamed on the internet. SO there is our problem. Confirmed by your own broadcasters. Sorry iMerlin.

    MLB is not allowing free streaming of games anymore. Here is a chatroom about guys trying to do that.

    If you try to stream it right now it will work. It will not stream during actual games.
  18. marlon71usa

    marlon71usa New Member


    Do you know if the link to WSCR you provided is still active? I was just reading the thread to get WSCR on my iPhone using orb and got very excited. However I tried entering the link into orb on my pc, and it didn't work...

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