How do I get my iPad onto the iTunes on my laptop?


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May 14, 2013
I ve just spent an afternoon following instructions on how to download my old DVD s onto the ipad, using hand brake. I finally arrived at the point of syncing to my ipad, only to find there isn't any sign of a device on my laptop. Any ideas how to put it on or do I spend another frustrating day, losing my temper! And please answer in English- I'm too old and doddery to understand computer speak. No initials, no new words or technical lingo.


Sep 2, 2007
Austin, Tx
Some things to check / try:

-- Make sure iTunes is running on your PC

-- If it is, try a restart of the PC and a reconnect of the iPad

-- If it's still not being seen, try a different USB port on the PC

-- Try a different sync cable if you have one available

Some things that would be useful to know to help further:

-- Are you using a Windows PC or a Mac?

-- Has the iPad ever been recognized properly on that PC?

-- Do you see any error messages in iTunes?