How do I know my iPHONE is unlocked?

Discussion in 'Jailbreak Archives' started by jhawk, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. jhawk

    jhawk New Member

    What's up everyone, I just used Ziphone 3.0 to unlock my 1.1.4 16GB iPHONE. I sold my phone in eBAY, the buyer wanted it unlocked. The only SIM card I have is ATT, is there a way to confirm if the unlock was successful or not? Thanks in advance.

    -J HAWK
  2. Do you know anybody with a different GSM provider who might let you borrow their SIM for a minute?
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  4. jhawk

    jhawk New Member

    Nah, that's the prob I am running into, all my friends either have ATT or Sprint... hmmmmm
  5. Saverino

    Saverino Zealot could try making friends that have T-Mobile or something and use theres to find out :)
  6. burniksapwet

    burniksapwet Member

    The iphone wont take any other sim except yours if it is still locked even if you put another at&t sim. So you can insert one of your friends at&t sim to test it. If you can make calls with a different at&t sim then your iphone is unlocked.
  7. themanofthedark

    themanofthedark New Member

    put in a different AT&T sim.

    if it says different sim detected, restore and try again.

    if not, youre set.

    - Long Haired Girly Boy
  8. jhawk

    jhawk New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I ended up running to Wal-Mart late last night and buying a Go-Phone from T-Mobile for like $20. I had to confirm last night if the phone was unlocked b/c I sold the iPHONE on eBAY and had to drop it in the mail this morning.

    It worked!! Thanks again.

    -J Hawk
  9. streborhcaz

    streborhcaz New Member

    I also sold my phone on ebay and was wondering after I unlock it, should I go to iTunes and set it up as a new phone? Or just leave it as it is?
  10. PepeRB29

    PepeRB29 New Member

    why wouldn't it be unlocked if you ran ziphone for jailbreak and unlock? i can't imagine this even being an issue....

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