How do i make fonts bigger?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by readbmr, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. readbmr

    readbmr New Member

    Hi, can anybody tell me how i make the fonts bigger in texting/email etc, ive already tried settings/general/font size but when i change the fonts are still original size, i also switched the iphone 3g of and on again, and in settings they still display large but the fonts are still original default !!!!

    Could this be another bug in the iphone 3g? lets hope that if ive done everything ok there will be a fix on this in the new firmware !!!!

    Hope to get some help from

  2. readbmr

    readbmr New Member

    acually I meant is there away of making the keyboard larger in texting/email etc? Sorry above post as this is what I need an answer to, thanks from
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  4. showguy

    showguy Member

    The keyboard size can not be changed. However as you are typing and the keyboard is figuring out possible words, letters that are not going to be used disapear making letters possible to spell and complete a word larger.
  5. readbmr

    readbmr New Member

    hi and thanks for that, im getting used to typing now
  6. dturner

    dturner Zealot

    It does take a while to get the hang of it. Once you do though, it becomes second nature.
  7. MileHighRob

    MileHighRob Zealot

    Actually in some applications (Safari, for example) if you turn the phone into the landscape position prior to selecting the address bar to type in, you will get a wider keyboard giving you more room in which to type. This doesn't work in email or SMS as they only work in portrait mode.
  8. xntrik56

    xntrik56 New Member

    Bigger keyboard for emailing is available for just .99

    There's an app called TouchType. It cost me .99 to download.

    You open the app, which has a wider keyboard, especially in the landscape mode (it works in either portrait/landscape, but why struggle with portrait size?). It also has a spellcheck option. Then you simply tap and it goes into an email for you to send. It also works for replying to emails, just follow instructions or view video that comes with the app.

    The best part is you can make font up to size 20 (max), so it's not the tiny/miniscule font that is default on the can actually see what you're typing! All in all, not too shabby for .99....a lot of people don't seem to know about this app and are struggling with their typing of emails!
  9. Plastikfear

    Plastikfear New Member

    with text messages, are you supposed to be able to type them in landscape? I tried when I first got the phone but it appears I can't type sms landscape. Boo.
  10. xntrik56

    xntrik56 New Member

    Get bigger keyboard for emailing with TouchType

    For whatever reason, Apple decided not to allow “landscape mode” on iPhone email. If you want to turn the phone when the web browser is open and get the larger keyboard that makes two thumb typing realistic, no problem. But the email app is portrait only.

    Now a new iPhone application called TouchType (iTunes link[​IMG]) fixes the problem. Open the application and you get a landscape mode keypad. type an email, hit the send button and it auto-populates the email application. Type in the email addresses and you’re all set.
    The application costs $.99 and, in my opinion, is a must-have app if you email a lot and struggle with the default keyboard.
    NOTE: TouchType does not work with texting, only emailing.

    I find the TouchType keyboard is a TAD easier than the landscape one in Safari, keys are a wee bit wider and more spaced out.

    Hope that helps a lot of you!
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  11. s8n666

    s8n666 Member

    iRealSMS is awesome too if you are jailbroken.
  12. xntrik56

    xntrik56 New Member


    Thanks, haven't heard of that one you know if it's installed through Cydia, or..?
  13. HelenCosgrove

    HelenCosgrove New Member

    Text Messages

    I also would like to know how I can enlarge the font on text messages? Help please....
  14. fatwallet

    fatwallet New Member

    Increasing font size of sms on iphone 3G/3GS

    Hi, I have a friend who has just got the iPhone 3GS and is having trouble reading sms messages without his glasses, is there any way of increasing the font size for sms messages or anyone now of a app that might help?

    He's alright with emails (he will probably never use his email)
    :cool: :eek:k:eek:k :cool:
  15. MileHighRob

    MileHighRob Zealot

    I'm afraid he's going to have to rely on those bi-focals for reading text.
  16. fatwallet

    fatwallet New Member

    Thanks, i'll let him know. lol.
  17. Heather Evans

    Heather Evans New Member

    Hello, I have just had a iPhone today and was wondering if there is any more news on making the font bigger for text? (just given up my Blackberry which had this feature).
  18. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    This thread is three years old and the last time someone posted was 2 years ago.

    Settings-General-Accessibilty-Large Text-Toggle On.
  19. Heather Evans

    Heather Evans New Member

    Yes I know, I was just wondering if there was an update nowadays, rather than start a new topic.
  20. iphonewarrior

    iphonewarrior Moderator

    Settings-General-Accessibilty-Large Text-Toggle On.
  21. Heather Evans

    Heather Evans New Member

    Thanks John, unfortunately I don't have the 'accessibility' option:(

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