How do I remove ALL contacts from iPad??

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Cheezz, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Cheezz

    Cheezz New Member

    Got caught in the iCloud... synched my iPad and now have duplicate and triplicate contacts. I asked the apple geniuses at the store and they couldn't give me an answer.
  2. Tallahassee Lassie

    Tallahassee Lassie New Member


    As a new owner of an iPad, I'm certainly not an expert, but I went through this trying to get my iPhone contacts into my iPad. I ended up with some contacts being duplicated up to 10 times!

    If I remember correctly, if you uncheck the sync contacts box in iTunes, you will be asked if you want all contacts removed from you device.

    I have also downloaded an app called ContactsBckp. In the settings of this app (you have to scroll up to see it) there is a remove all contacts option. When you have your contacts all sorted out, this is also a really easy way to keep them backed up.

    Another useful app I use to keep my iPhone and iPad contacts the same is called iDrive. You can use this to restore from another device (after deleting all contacts using ContactsBackp).

    It may sound complicated, but I have found using these two apps easy and quick, and I have peace of mind knowing I will never have to go through all that mess again.

    Hope I have given you something to look at.
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  4. Tallahassee Lassie

    Tallahassee Lassie New Member

    Sorry, did not make myself clear on the second sentence! If you say yes to this question, all your contacts will be removed. I found this out accidentally!
  5. Tyger_purr

    Tyger_purr Member

    Not sure if this will help but, when I set up my iPad I had it syncing contacts with icloud and my account. This caused me to have all my entries doubled. One from each account. Setting to only sync with one cleared it up.
  6. Cheezz

    Cheezz New Member

    Thanks for the help Tallahassee Lassie & Tyger_purr.

    By (many) trial and error I discovered a work-around to deleting ALL contacts from my ipad!
    On the iPad go to Settings > iCloud > Contacts - and turn on your contacts.
    This causes a popup box called "Merge Contacts". If you proceed with this, it syncs your contacts with iCloud.
    Next, go back to Contacts and turn the option OFF. Again, a popup box will appear that begins with "Turn Off Contacts". Then it asks you "What would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your iPad?"
    Two choices - Keep on my iPad or Delete from my iPad.
    If you select Delete... then they will all be removed.

    In the trial and error phase, I did this then tried turning the contacts back on but it just puts all those contacts back on my iPad. After doing this a couple of times I discovered I had to go to, login with my apple ID (email and password), and edit all the contacts right there (ONE.AT.A.TIME).
    THEN when I turned my iPad back on, it downloaded all of the edited contacts.

    I think iCloud is way overrated and am thinking of doing away with it altogether. Too much trouble.
  7. Tallahassee Lassie

    Tallahassee Lassie New Member

    I have not used cloud yet, in fact I am nervous about updating to iOS 5. I would rather early bugs are out of the way, as I don't have the expertise or patience to deal with them.

    I would love some advice as to whether it is worth going for it yet. I must admit, I love the idea of syncing all my devices through the cloud.
  8. kimo

    kimo Member

    Here is one pro: If you computer crashes (PC mainly)and you have to do a clean reinstall, you would not lose you contact info if you had not backed up your Itunes media folder.
  9. Cheezz

    Cheezz New Member

    Back up to a thumb drive and wait for bugs to be worked out. I don't like the idea of having all my data out there.
  10. ValleyWalker

    ValleyWalker New Member

    Don't know if you have this solved but i had the same problem.
    I ended up logging into icloud, went to the contacts there and there you can select them all with the old control-a feature. then hit delete and gone they are. Hope that helps!

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