How do you restore settings w/out updating to 1.1.1

Oct 10, 2007
iPhone Newbie here with a small problem:

1) iPhone keeps randomly crashing, so i want to restore and wipe it clean hoping to stop the crashing bug

2) I have iPhone 1.0.2 software and had iTunes 7.3... working on getting that back from 7.4.2 right now...

I am using windows/pc version of iTunes. whenever i click on restore iPhone in the summary tab it asks me to update the software.. and the only option is to restore, update and then install! or cancel ..

How can i restore without updating to 1.1.1?

Thanks in advance
Oct 10, 2007
Try right clicking on Restore. Hopefully you will have an option to select 1.0.2.
Thanks akophone - but there is not option to continue with 1.0.2 ... im using iTunes,.. only options are

Check for updates OR Cancel (closes the restore window)

if i click check for updates options are:

Check for updates, restore, install new software OR cancel

Do I need to go back to an even earlier version of iTunes for windows/pc?


Jul 16, 2007
Shift-click to get the option to choose a restore file. Make sure you have the 1.0.2 restore file available, navigate to it, and restore with it. Works fine on a 1.0.2 iPhone. Not sure if it works on your version of iTunes, but it does on (current version).

Oct 10, 2007
Thanks Tinman. I meant shift click not right click! :rolleyes: Coffee time!
Thanks Tinman, unfortunately iTunes gives me an error saying it was unable to restore the iPhone... I used to methods described in the link below

1) shift + click in the summary tab of iTunes
2) hold sleep+home for 10 secs, home for 10 secs, send iPhone to restore mode, and then shift+click

I am worried i have a defective iPhone, and since i am overseas, will not be able to bring it to AT&T and also it is unlocked.... any suggestions? do you think AT&T will service the phone (when i go back to the US.)