How do you select a playlist to sync in iTunes

Feb 2, 2012
I have an iPhone 6 and have had every version of iphone. I went to sync my phone and wanted to sync a new playlist I had made, but there is no option to do this. I used to go into Compaq administrator iphone and go to the playlist tab and select the playlists to be sync'd. I cant find that option anymore. Help.
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Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
I searched for "Compaq Administrator iPhone" on Google and found nothing, so I'm not exactly sure what that is.

Perhaps this is a folder on your computer that contains administrative software... including perhaps iTunes for Windows?

If so, start the iTunes application.

If the iPhone icon (as indicated by arrow #1) isn't visible, connect your iPhone to your computer using the Lightning cable. Then, on the iTunes application, click on the iPhone icon I just mentioned. Then click on Music (#2) and then place a checkmark by the playlist(s) you want to sync as indicated by arrow #3. Finally, near the bottom right of the iTunes screen, you will see a
button. Click on that and let the sync finish.

syncplaylists.jpg (thumbnail; click to enlarge)

Note: The above screenshot was taken on iTunes running on OS X, so yours may look slightly different.