How do you sync ringtones when iTunes is set to manually sync? Need help!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Chad711, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Chad711

    Chad711 New Member

    I just recently purchased a iPhone. I consider myself a pretty technical person but I must say I am stumped on why I cannot get my ringtones to sync with out my music and videos on my iphone being erased each time. I can overclock my computer but I can't sync a ring tone! LOL

    Any way here is the deal. I am converting my songs in itunes to ACC and then renaming them to m4r files. I drag it back into the itunes library where I see it in the ringtones area of iTunes. However here is the problem. I manually sync music on videos for my iPhone because I don't want 2000 songs on my iphone! So when I go to try and sync my ringtones it gives me a pop up warning stating that "Syncing ringtones will delete music and video from your iphone. Are you sure you want to do this?"

    So my question is two parts. How do I sync ringtones with out losing music/video data on iPhone and how do I get the ringtones to show up in the sync area of the iphones "Ringtone" tab? I try to drag it from ringtones itunes library to the iphones ringtone library but it does't show up on the Ringtones "tab". Sorry if it sounds confusing.
  2. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    What do you mean that it doesn't show up in the Ringtones tab?

    I had the same problem a while back and all I had to do was manually drag and drop the ringtones onto the iPhone just as I would with music.
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  4. Chad711

    Chad711 New Member

    It's hard to explain. I would need to show you a few screen shots to explain it. Anyway,

    I tried to drag it into the ringtones folder on the iPhone. It actually shows up there. However it's odd because it isn't on my phone. So basically it didn't sync. So after I saw it there I went to the tabs that shows the options for sync for each feature of the iphone (music, apps, rintones, videos, etc) The ringtone does not show up in the sync area of "Ringtones". If you are lost then when I get home I will post some screen shots.
  5. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    Have you ever been able to sync the ringtones? Like say you just chose to delete everything else, have they been able to sync before?
  6. Chad711

    Chad711 New Member

    I manually sync items just like you do. I drag movies and music over to the iPhone and done. However the ringtones do not want to cooperate that way. So what I did last night was drag it to the itunes library which in turn automatically puts it into the ringtones folder of itunes. If I go to the Ringtones TAB on iPhone where you can select to sync certain items or all items that is when I click sync. At that point it states if I do it then it will delete my music and movies.
  7. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks Zealot

    Well the reason I asked is because your ringtones might be too long to sync. If they are just a second over 30 seconds, they won't sync. I'm not sure if this is the problem but it could be.
  8. Chad711

    Chad711 New Member

    No they are not. I am going home in about an hour and I will fiddle around with it. I'll report back here if I have problems still. I was rushed some what at lunch time (when I was trying to get it work).
  9. RachelleRachelle

    RachelleRachelle New Member

    Chad- Did you ever figure it out? I have the same problem!
  10. lensam

    lensam Member

    The way I did it was in Itunes under devices you click on your iphone and check under each tab across the top. Music, podcasts, videos apps, etc. Make sure the sync box is NOT checked under these tabs. My phone is set to manually manage so try it that way. If it doesnt work then uncheck the "manually manage" box. Then you go to the ringtones tab and check the sync box and select all ringtones button and then hit the sync button. All your ringtones should appear after that. Once that is done uncheck the sync box and they will remain there. And you shouldnt lose any of your music or videos if I remember correctly. If you do you can always re add the media afterwards. You do have your itunes backed up, right?!?!? also you changed the extension to r for ringtone
  11. punkit

    punkit New Member

    Hi there, i had the EXACT same problem as you and after hours googling the hell out of it repeatedly coming to the same answer i finally figured it out. this worked for me so i'm gonna assume it will work for you seeing as we have an identical problem.. all i did was when the "ringtone" is made and it's in the "ringtone" area of itunes ie: in the library, under music and apps and whatever else you have there, you know what i mean. i just clicked and dragged it to my iphone... not to ringtones or music or anything like that, drag it to "chad's iphone" under devices. it syncs for a sec and then when you go to settings, sounds, ringtones, it's in it's own little section up the top. i hope it works for you, and anyone else with this problem. if my instructions were horrible, lemme know and i'll try to explain it better. good luck
  12. michaelXmora

    michaelXmora New Member

    LOL wow solved the problem.

    sync it to the top tab where you would press the "eject" button. DO NOT TRY AND DRAG IT TO THE RINGTONES OR MUSIC TAB.

    i feel stupid now ahaha
  13. MrBarnes

    MrBarnes New Member


    I simply HAD to create a profile just to thank you!! I still can't believe it was THAT simple. Drag the ringtone to the iPhone instead of the ringtones folder... THANK YOU!!!
  14. Geary

    Geary New Member

    Thsi does not work for me!!! I do exactly that and I try dragging 2 ringtones into my iPhone but no matter what I only get 1 ringtone in the custom area. I hate this crap that apple locks you out of everything. I am used to doing things manually. If I sync it wants to remove ALL my songs, music and TV shows! Give me a break apple I just want a few custom ringtones, I can micromanage my own freakin phone!
  15. IphoneTony

    IphoneTony Zealot

    I just visited and was able to download from the site to itunes and it was free.
  16. mrbunglez

    mrbunglez Contributor

    I use itoner to use my own music in iTunes as a ringtone.
    Drag and drop program that syncs.
  17. Zoander

    Zoander New Member

    Thank god someone wrote it in a way that I understand!! Thanks punkit, i was going mad that i kept losing ringtones every time i synced!!!
  18. Gary222

    Gary222 New Member

    Okay, what you're all saying makes perfect sense, except for one thing. For some reason my iphone isn't showing up under devices, even though under Preferences, I have everything clicked to show up in the side bar. This is maddening. I can't figure out why it's not showing up. Anybody have any suggestions?
  19. winniebabble

    winniebabble New Member

    hi, its the same as before except for the how long the ringtone is? before it was max 30 seconds and now its max time of 20 seconds? hope this helps!!!

    COSMODKING New Member

  21. Phaze

    Phaze New Member

    Ha! I figured it out. I had the same problem, I wanted to put ringtones on my phone but when I synced I lost all my music. So I unchecked Sync Tones and started putting music back on my iPhone when I noticed that I couldn't use any of those ringtones again. If I went in itunes and clicked on Tones in the side bar under devices, I could see all my tones. When I went on my phone, I couldn't find them. And furthermore it looked like you would have to sync tones again, which I didn't want to do.
    I solved the problem and I have custom ringtones on my iPhone without syncing or using any kind of apps

    So after you have your ring tone finished on your computer, drag the file from it's folder on your computer to the iTunes library.
    Then you click and drag the tone from the iTune Library/Tone (you find this in the left hand side bar of iTunes) to your iPhone Device.

    Now when you click on your iPhone Tones in the left hand side bar of iTunes, you will notice that your tone is written there normally instead of if you tried to drag and drop from your computer folder to device (those files will come up slightly faded)
    This is a two step process

    This is one of the reason's I loathe iTunes

    I hope this helps you guys

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