how i can format me iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nokia8310i, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. nokia8310i

    nokia8310i New Member

    how i can make full format to me iphone and how i can make format to me phone using me computer
  2. kenneth

    kenneth Zealot

    i dont understand the question what do you mean by format?
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  4. dcom

    dcom Zealot

    You can't format the iphone from your computer. If you want to completely erase the memory and restore it to the factory default settings, go to Settings->General->Reset->Erase All Content and Settings. It will take between 1 and 2 hours but when it's done, you will have a completely erased iPhone.
  5. kenneth

    kenneth Zealot

    why wouldnt you just restore and set up as a new phone?
  6. dcom

    dcom Zealot

    You could do that, but restoring won't necessarily delete any data that apps have created in memory. Erasing all content will wipe any of that residual data out, which is what a format would do.
  7. jarofclay73

    jarofclay73 Zealot

    How can I talk like a pirate matey? :p
  8. lowrider911

    lowrider911 New Member

    Hi, I just recently erased all data from my iphone.. but now it just showes the apple sign and doesnt go further than tht .. keeps restarting every few minutes..
    wat do i do? :(
  9. kenneth

    kenneth Zealot

    did you get it fixed?
  10. lowrider911

    lowrider911 New Member

    no not yet.. i tried to put it into dfu mode and still my pc wont recognise it.. i dunno wat to do
  11. kenneth

    kenneth Zealot

    Keep trying the dfu mode it is tricky and you have to get it just right. Remember hold the home for 5 seconds then power and home for 10 seconds then releas power and continue to hold home for 30 seconds until your of recognizes it (hopefully)
  12. Swagger

    Swagger New Member

    Also rebooting your computer while the iPhone is in DFU mode and still connected via USB will make iTunes see your phone. Mark
  13. saddafm

    saddafm New Member

    I installed a game into my iphone direct from internet. after finish the installation th iphone hanging and restart. till now the apple logo when you see it in restarting is shown only and i could not booting to it . it is restarting by it self every 10 mint.
    So guys I need your support to help how can I resolve my problem with keeping my data as it is.
  14. cordovachavarria

    cordovachavarria New Member

    Hola. I have a 3g iPhn and recently updated it to the 3.1.3 version. Tried to downgrade it but was unable to do it. I understand this is because there's some restriction on the iPhn puy by Apple.

    Is it not like a flash card, the memory of the iPhn? Can I format it (how is this done?) and after, install the 3.1.2 version?

    Or is there a way to install the 3.1.2 on an iPhn that has 3.1.3 already??


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