how long does it take for your battery to charge?

Aug 9, 2007
how long does it take for your phone to be full charge when its on red ( the 20 mins thing). cause im not sure but after my phone being charged for an hour, it was stilll on red im like huh? so i turn off and on the phone.. and then it turn green but it still took a really long time to be fully charged, and my phone was HOT, and its weird cause i wasn't using it at all. is that common? so many people says their phone has a defect... and im tripping about it. i don't know if it is or not haha. and when im using my safari, sometimes it closes by itself.... happen to me a couple times... what should i do? =/


New Member
Jun 20, 2007
When I get the 20% left and below, it takes about 3-4 hours for a complete charge. From about 1/3 to 1/4 battery left it only takes about 2 hours.