How Long Does Your Battery Last?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iCafe, Dec 12, 2007.


How long does your battery last?

  1. It never lasts a full day

    15 vote(s)
  2. 2 days or more

    32 vote(s)
  3. Feels like a few hours

    8 vote(s)
  4. I turn on my fully charged ipod and it has lasted me since IDAY

    2 vote(s)
  1. iCafe

    iCafe New Member

    I work a long shift (12 hours)
    and by the end of my day my battery is dead
    all i do is listen to music on my comute and web surf for a half hour...then dead

    i remember my treo used to last me a few days on standby

    how is the iPhone battery life experience for you?
  2. lukeules

    lukeules New Member

    usually lasts about 5days with phone and txt use, 3-4 with ipod and safari use. i love my iPhone!
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  4. colombianito

    colombianito New Member

    mine last barely 8hrs, but i am constantly on the phone, or txting, if not i am playing music with the built spealker and at the same time playing games or surfing the net... i use it constantly and very pleased with the battery life...
  5. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

  6. Chris716

    Chris716 New Member

    I charge mine every two days i could probably last another half day but i just charge it.. I use my phone constantly for text and as an ipod i dont make very many calls everything i do is email or text...
  7. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Tons of people complain that their battery life is awful; mine, however, is excellent.

    I charge mine every other day.

    - John
  8. Chris716

    Chris716 New Member

    i agree with you this phone has got more battery life than all the previous phones ive used...
  9. iamtko

    iamtko Zealot

    this poll doesn't have the best choices lol

    mine lasts about a day (if i use the netz and music)

    *note* i find it strange that no one messed up the poll and put the last choice xD
  10. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    Three days. It might last another half day, but I never take the chance.
  11. lilwaters

    lilwaters New Member

    mine last barley 8 hrs and all i do is text? do you think im not charging it long enough?
  12. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Yeah, see, I'm special. My iPhone has not been charged since June 29th. I call it Super Phone.

    - John
  13. iamtko

    iamtko Zealot

    did you seriously mess up the poll by adding one to the last choice?!?!

    see everyone, this guy is bad news
  14. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    Well if you aren't charging it to the point where the battery indicator in the upper right corner has a plug in the middle of the battery icon, then yes.
    When the iPhone is fully charged and still on the charger, there will be a little plug ( --||= ) on top of the battery to indicate that it's FULL. If you've never seen that... well, charge till you do.
  15. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    Sir, are we having an ongoing saga here tonight?

    Actually, I didn't post that option. I voted for 2 days or more. I wonder who chose the last option. :p

    - John
  16. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    @ iamtko:

    You see, this post was pure sarcasm. ;)

    - John
  17. iamtko

    iamtko Zealot

    i don't know what to believe anymore!

    if you can't trust people on the internet, who can you trust?!
  18. lilwaters

    lilwaters New Member

    everytime i plug in my charger theres a plug thing on there but when i unplug it it goes away its telling me that its charging is that different from when it is full? and i charge my phone for almost 8 hrs a night and it still doesnt show up! charge it for longer?
  19. Hawk

    Hawk Genius

    The Plug icon when the phone is on the charger means that the battery is FULL.
    a lightning bolt over the battery means it's charging. If you always see the plug icon everytime you plug in the phone, no matter what the battery shows before you plug in, then there is a problem with your phone.
    Restore and then test and it it's still doing the same thing, make an appointment with an Apple Genius and get the phone swapped out.
    Make sure that you sync EVERYTHING before going to Apple so you have a complete backup.
  20. lilwaters

    lilwaters New Member

    thanks but I have an unlocked iPhone...
  21. KNK

    KNK New Member

    Mine lasts a couple of days. It would last longer if I would turn off wifi. My bluetooth is turned to off.

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