How many rollover minutes do you have?

How many rollover minutes do you have?

  • What are these rollover minutes of which you speak? I must haz some!

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Jun 16, 2008
One Horse Town, New Jersey
Hey Thanks! This will get me started! (y)

Yes, the petition! I said before I am in! So whenever its time to sign up, just let me know!

GR8 idea Marianne!


Nov 25, 2010
Scranton Pa
Wow. There's an overwhelming surplus of rollover minutes here! AT&T must be thrilled with how this is working out for them - not only are customers not using all of the minutes they pay for every month, they're not even using those extra minutes, ever. I'm not a let's-start-a-petition kind of girl but I bet we could get something going to give feedback to AT&T that rollover minutes have little value and rollover data/messages would be better.
I think a lot has to do with the a-list and now AT&T is free mobile to mobile, but you have to request it, a free service but you have to put a request in. Some people don't even know about it, it's allowed me to lower my monthly bill though. I'm happy with AT&T it's still the only talk and surf the company out there and I'd never give that up. I like many so use my wifi more than my 3G so Verizon's better 4G speeds don't interest me. Ok enough said before I go off topic lol..