How much data usage for radio streaming

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aky, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. aky

    aky New Member

    I want to stream a local radio station using "FSTREAM" and im wondering how much data would it usE? I want to use for for about 2.5 hrs twice a wk. my data plan isnt unlimited.

    are there any date usage trackers for the iPhone?

  2. yes, it will count as data, cause its using internet to connect, (i think), if you downloaded a radio app from the app store, it will defenetly count as data, cause it uses data to stream the stations(i think), and i will highly suggest that you do get and unlimited plan, because ATT takes no prisoners when it comes to using high amounts of data without an unlimited data plan....i learned that the hard wallet is still hurt from that bill that was 900 bucks...sigh, :(:(
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  4. aky

    aky New Member

    i know it will but i want to know how much data it will use. if so how can i track
  5. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    Typical radio stations can run anywhere between 32 kbps and 128 kbps. If you are on WiFi, this discussion is irrelevant. @128 kbps, you are looking at almost a megabyte of data per minute. A 3-5 minute song could chomp down as much as 5 megs of data. One hour of streaming could set you down about 60 megs.
  6. aky

    aky New Member

    Hi thansk that's exactly what I was looking for. I checked in the program fstream and it says it's 32mbps. How many mbs would that be per hr
  7. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    You must mean 32 kbps. 32 kbps or 4 kBps would consume 864 kilo bytes in 1 hour.
  8. aky

    aky New Member

    yes sorry i did mean kbps

    so is this right?

    32kbps x 3600sec = 14.4 MB
  9. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

    Don't forget to divide the final number by 8 since you have to convert bits to bytes (8 bits/byte), :)
  10. aky

    aky New Member

    /8 so 1.8mb ? per hr? seems low
  11. aky

    aky New Member

  12. Eragon

    Eragon Zealot

  13. aky

    aky New Member

    gonna test it today when i listen to a hockey game. is the counter on the iPhone accurate?
  14. MrMike6by9

    MrMike6by9 Zealot

    Don't forget that your bandwidth is combination of bidirectional data flow. There is always some return for that incoming data. It's just not one for one. When I capture an audio stream on my old PC, I often see about a 30-40% in return data for the incoming flow. You can see this on the PC side using free apps like Analogx's NetStat Live or NetPerSec. I'm guessing there are Mac apps that do this as well.

  15. aky

    aky New Member

    used today on and off for almost 2 hrs and the results are pretty accurate

    sent 914KB
    received 21.4MB
  16. Picazzo

    Picazzo Zealot

    It's actually lots of data been used if you use these radio apps once at day in 3 hours! = 5.400MB/5.4GB! (30 x 3 x 60MB). I'll guess the Wi-Fi is the best solution!

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