How Much For The iPhone When It Comes Out.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Emlguerr, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Any Generation Of The iPhone How Much Will You Be Willing To Spend For An iPhone. Here's An Example:

    Everyone Knows When The iPhone 4S First Came Out.
    Well, I Bought My White iPhone 4S 64 GB After Like One Month And A Half After It Came Out And I Honestly Bought It At Full Price I Didn't Care About Anything It Does I Just Wanted It Because Now There Was A 64GB Version Of Course I Didn't Wanted To Wait 3 Months So I Could Get It For $400.00 Because I Had All The Money At Full Price And NOW The 64 GB Version Was Here.
    So, I Didn't Really Care How Much It Would Cost Me I Just Wanted The 64 GB iPhone. So I Went To The Apple Store And Paid $950.00 Dollars And I Honestly Do NOT Regret It. Because I Now Have The 64 GB.
    I Love It.

    So The Queation Is How Much Wod You Had Paid For The iPhone When It Was Released.
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    No more than 200 with an upgrade.

    What's with the capitals?
    Do you know th55?
    I kid I kid :)

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