How much will syncing delete?

Aug 6, 2008
When I first got my iPhone, I synced it with my friend's laptop. After that I downloaded a lot of apps and put in all my contacts. Now I'm ready to sync it with my computer, but will it also delete all my applications, photos, and contacts? I had my iTunes check for purchases a while back to get the stuff I downloaded, but now when I try it, it doesn't retrieve the new apps(including some I payed for) anymore. I want to sync it now but want to know EXACTLY what won't get deleted.


Jun 16, 2008
Tinley Park, IL
you need to authorize your computer for all the apps and what not to work. If you have done that and iTunes is still not giving you all the apps, you will lose the apps not on your computer if you sync all apps. This is what you do, uncheck the sync apps tab until you can figure it out.

As for your photos, they'll be fine. And for the contacts, they should just go right into what ever program you use to keep them, like outlook.

Good luck!