How the heck do I upload photos from iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Software' started by Flyingstar, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Flyingstar

    Flyingstar Member

    I have a number of photos taken on my iPhone, but I have no idea how to transfer them to my PC? I'm worried that if I don't back them up, they could get lost. Can anyone help?
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  2. nobbie

    nobbie New Member

    The quickest and easiest way is to email them to yourself. Of course, they'll be reduced in size a bit.

    Or you can email them to your photobucket account. Again resized.

    Or, if you have on your iPhone, you can use iFlickr or SendPics, which allows you to send picture without reducing the file size.
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  4. papabro

    papabro New Member

    Or you can attach your iPhone to your pc, open windows explorer, double click on your iPhone and drag your pics to your pc.
  5. paulomb

    paulomb New Member

    I cant see my iPhone in windows explorer, i have itunes open...
  6. Lucas7

    Lucas7 New Member

    noob question

    It reduces the file size when you email it to Flickr or other locations?
  7. papabro

    papabro New Member

    It doesn't matter if you have itunes open or not, you should be able to see your phone in windows explorer and drag and drop your pictures from your phone to your pc like it was a camera.
  8. paulomb

    paulomb New Member

    how does the iPhone appears? like a hard drive? like a mobile device? its not showing anything =(. everything else works perfect, i have a 1.0.2 unlocked, i can sync with outlook and everything, this is the only thing not workin...
  9. MtKuile

    MtKuile New Member

  10. gte-thing

    gte-thing New Member

    Here is an easy way.
    first create a folder on your PC/Mac and name it e.g. "iPhonepics".
    Then transfer all your jpgs that you want to transfer to your iPhone into this folder.
    Then open iTunes, connect your iPhone & sync; wait till all finished.
    Then in your iTunes menu select Photos.
    tick "select photos from" then click on the up/down arrows and select "choose folder"
    go to the folder you created and dumped all your pics in,select it & click OK
    iTunes will optimize and transfer all your pics in that folder to your iPhone.
  11. failsafe

    failsafe New Member

    Mine shows up like under "My Computer" like a hard drive, mapped drive, flash drive etc. Labeled iPhone, has a camera icon and only shows the contents of Camera Roll.
  12. duomonro

    duomonro New Member

    pics to i phone solution !

    ok everyone ive got it ! its a piece of cake !
    to upload pics from your pc to your i phone 1st of all the pics you want to upload need to be on an external hard drive then while your i phone is connected to i tunes ,click on i phone icon, open the photo menu then open synch photos from : open your pic file on your external hard drive click then the rest is pretty much self explanetry .
    basicaly its the same manipulation as usual except your uploading from an external hard drive instead of your pc !
    it took me a whila to figure it out so i thought why not let you all know .
    and as for uploading videos i use realplayer through my pc convert them to i phone files (mp4) using the real player converter on the new free realplayer and it transfers automatically to movie files on i tunes ! all you need to do is tick the box next to the desired movies before synching et voila !
  13. its true what failsafe said, it just appears like a removable media under ''my computer'', it only shows the pictures, but thats how i get the pics out of my iPhone an into my PC
  14. Bob Dopolina

    Bob Dopolina New Member

    This was the first thing I did but when I go to iTunes and try to sink my iPhone there is no photos tape. There is apple TV, contacts, movies, application etc.

    I have downloaded and installed the latest iPhone and itunes software. There is no photos tab!

    I have XP on my PC.

  15. manishk123

    manishk123 New Member

    I used this free software from Adobe called Photoshop Album Starter edition 3.2. Install, just connect your iPhone to the computer. A window pops up with an option saying import photos using Photoshop album. Click on that and voila everything is transfered to the computer. You can then put in differnt categories etc and organise on the phone too. Was a sweet little software but unfortunately adobe is now discontinuing it. :-(
  16. JWiPhone

    JWiPhone Evangelist

    I use WiFiPhoto App now. I don't like the hassle of connecting cables to my iPhone to download my pictures to the PC or Mac. Now I can just wirelessly transfer my photos to my PC/Mac. The only issue is that this app will not download video, but only photos.
  17. the way that's always worked for me is just plugging it in and simply copying them to your computer. It doesn't matter if iTunes is open or not. it'll show up under my computer as a digital camera labed "(your) iPhone"

    however, if your iPhone is syncing to your computer, you won't be able to open it under my computer. WAIT til your sync is done then try it.

    that should do it really. or you could use the other wifi options and what not, but connecting it with a cable doesn't suck up your battery, it charges it :eek:k:eek:k
  18. Bob Dopolina

    Bob Dopolina New Member

    Great tip. I actually still had a CD with this program on it.

    Here's the weird part. The program lets me download picture from my iPhone to computer but when I tried to upload to the phone it says there is no device connected.

    If my iPhone is formatted for mac would this make any difference?
  19. Bob Dopolina

    Bob Dopolina New Member

    This is no problem.

    The issue is uploading photos from my PC to my iPhone.
  20. Actually, if you read the first few posts of this thread, the issue is getting pics off the iPhone and on to the computer.
  21. Bob Dopolina

    Bob Dopolina New Member

    Actually wasn't it a visa-versa thread?

    Call it a hijack then. I still need help.

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