How to add pictures from computer to iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MNJON, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. MNJON

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    Other than emailing myself a ton of pics and then saving them all.... is there a way I can use the usb and my windows exploder to just drag-drop pictures that I want on the iphone? Also... is there a way to make a new folder for differant subjects of pictures? How about making a directory for storing other files, like video or word docs etc?

    I'm thinking it must be possible, but then again, maybe its not that simple.

  2. Kadelic

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    You need to sync pictures to your PC using iTunes. In your pictures folder on your PC create a folder named "pics for phone" (or whatever)
    Within this folder you can add subfolders for different albums or groups of pics. Drag/drop or copy the pics you want to these folders. Open iTunes with your device plugged into the computer, then select your iPhone. Click on the photos tab and select your "pics for phone" folder to sync photos from. You can select any or all subfolders and sync and presto! Your pictures and albums are now on your phone.

    You cannot create directories in iOS unless you are jailbroken. For videos and word docs (or photos for that matter) you can use the iFiles app from the App Store. With iFiles you can drag and drop files into the app using iTunes. If you click on the apps tab for your device and scroll to the bottom it will show which apps offer drag and drop handling of files. With iFiles you drag and drop your files in iTunes then organize them into folders within the app.

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  4. flatbacks21

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    This is so aggravating because I can create a boatload of picture folders and pull those up anytime but cannot do this for videos.. That is a pain and it may be a determining factor in staying with apple or going with samsung..
  5. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    1. You don't need to sync them with iTunes or even connect via USB. You can do this wirelessly with the App Store app DropBox (or many others, such as AirSharing). You drag the images to your DropBox folder on your computer, open the DropBox app on your phone, choose the pictures and save them to your camera roll.
    2. Not jailbroken: You have to create albums for the stock Photos through iTunes and sync the media or you can use an App Store app instead of using the Photos app. Jailbroken: You can create multiple folders, from within the Photos app itself, without the use of iTunes. Install PhotoAlbums+ in Cydia.
    3. There are many App Store apps for this. I use AirSharing Pro.
    Just use an App Store app instead of the stock Photos app. I have a video folder in AirSharing.
  6. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    Ok, I have the videos uploaded but I cannot transfer them from dropbox to my camera roll.. Am I missing something here? Can that be accomplished with the free version? Please shoot me some advise please.. Thanks!
  7. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    I just tested it and you can use the icon in the lower right corner to save images to the camera roll, but it doesn't work with videos. Do they really need to be in the camera roll, though? You can access them in your videos folder in the DropBox app. At least they are on the phone and you didn't even have to open iTunes or connect via USB. If you want a video folder in the Photos app, just jailbreak and use PhotoAlbums+.
  8. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    I think I should be able to swap pics, videos, and whatever as if the phone had a micro sd card. It is so easy on other devices to do that. Maybe I'm in the minority here with that thought process, but it's easy. I should be able to save an event that has photos and QuickTime video in the same folder and have the option to swap it back and forth to my camera roll as I please.
  9. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    You CAN swap media back and forth with the apps I mentioned. You do NOT need to jailbreak to do this. From there, you can save the photos to your camera roll or just keep them in the app. The videos will not save to the camera roll. This isn't a big deal to me. I just access them from my videos folder in the apps (DropBox or Air Sharing). If having the videos in your camera roll is important to you, jailbreak or get an Android.
  10. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    I did the dropbox and the videos showed they were in there, but when I went to access them they never opened up. Just kept loading. I guess I will have to try the other app. My whole reason for this thread was to try and figure this video sharing b/c I send a lot of video to family who is out of town. Once I upload all my pics/vids to my PC, I can access all the photos and create folders and all that fun/cool jazz, but the videos are a no-no. It is discouraging b/c it's easier to cut and send right from the good ol' iPhone than the computer. So, you might be right, I need a more user friendly OS when it comes to videos. Thanks for all your help and I am grateful.
  11. Europa

    Europa Moderator

    Did you wait for them to upload to DropBox before you tried to access them on the phone? It's not instantaneous.
  12. flatbacks21

    flatbacks21 Member

    Yes, I waited until they were loaded up on my PC before trying to access them. So maybe they were too large in size? I dunno. Thanks.
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