How to backup iPhone5 using iTunes without backing up music, photo and movies ?

Discussion in 'iPhone 5' started by rugved1118, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Can anyone tell me how to backup my iPhone5 using iTunes without backing up movies, music and photos as it is consuming lot of space on my windows system.

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    iTunes doesn't include your photos, music, and movies when it creates a backup. If they are selected in iTunes it will copy them from your computer to your iPhone and sync new items between the two, but if they are not selected in iTunes it removes them from your iPhone.

    Maybe someone will have a suggestion that I have overlooked.
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    The backups just link to the video files on the computer. If you delete the original videos and songs (that were not purchased in iTunes) and then restore from backup, that media will be missing.

    You could use iCloud if you'd rather not have any space used on your computer for backups. It doesn't back up videos, either. It just keeps them in iTunes and you sync them back on after a restore. You have 5 free GB to work with. After you make the backup, you can toggle off photos if you don't want iCloud to back them up and it will free up that space.
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    What could really be consuming lots of space on your PC due to the backup of your iPhone is app data. As the iOS backup made via iTunes (and for that matter iCloud) contains all your app data, this increases the burden on your free storage space. Here's how iTunes and iCloud backups work.

    Only photos which will get backed up are the ones in your Camera Roll.
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