How to block someone tape recording you?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Trooper70, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Trooper70

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    iphone, ipad ... no clue what the thing is but am sure it's an Apple of some sort ... but it's a phone, picture taker, tape recorder, etc. Really fancy looking.

    I'm new here and and have been searching the Internet for hours to try to find a forum for my particular situation. Today I had my contractor here at my house threatening me with selective out of context tape recordings ... conversations done inside my house and I had no knowledge of him doing it. How do I set something up in my house to block his danged device from working. The state I'm in I know that this is illegal for him to do, but I want it stopped and would fire him if I haven't paid him so much already to do the job in my home. Any ideas of how to block his thing's signal to work inside my house? Or to shut it down at least until he leaves?
  2. iphonewarrior

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    What he is doing is illegal, phone the police and get someone else in to continue the work.
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  4. Vcoronel127

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    thats illegal!!..get the police involved already..under investigation he will lose..good luck
  5. Lon

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    Whether it is illegal or not does depend upon what state the Op is in. If not legal then it can't be used for anything. As far as the Op's question, there are jamming devices for radio signals but am not aware of anything that would jam a direct recording.
  6. imutter

    imutter Genius

    Why would someone record you ? Contracter ? Is this a scam of sorts?
    Did you pay 100% or just a deposit?
    Anyway police sounds right.
  7. Iloveiphones

    Iloveiphones Genius

    In Illinois this is legal believe it or not. People can video tape you all they want without your consent.

    Like said, the police is probably the way to go.

    But there's an apple device in your house recording? It will only record until the battery dies. Which is about 6 hours at best for an iPhone 4, maybe 9 for the iPad and 4 for the iPod touch. The camera makes the device burn battery quickly.

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  8. Mac, if you actually read the post, it refers mainly to voice recording, not video recording.

    "In Illinois, an eavesdropping device cannot be used to record or overhear a conversation without the consent of all parties to the conversation. 720 Ill. Compiled Stat. Ann. 5/14-1, -2. An eavesdropping device is defined as anything used to hear or record a conversation, even if the conversation is conducted in person."
  9. Lon

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    Illinois is one of only 11 states that do not allow recording (audio) with only single party consent.
  10. Iloveiphones

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    What about video? I know our neighbor has security cameras on us. We've called the cops. They said it's legal, and they can videotape us as much as they want. But we didn't know about it for a long time. And they hid a video camera in the bushes with video and audio without us knowing until we saw it.

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  11. Lon

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    There must be something pretty interesting going on at your house! :cool:
  12. acosmichippo

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    I'm not sure you can physically stop his device from recording. My suggestion would be to start recordings of your own, and if he misrepresents what you say by using clips out of context, you have your version to set the record straight.
  13. BBGT2

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    I dont know where the OP is located but regardless of that, if you dont want someone recording you in your own house, then THROW him out of your house. Why the hell would you want to invest in a gizmo that will prevent him from recording you. Call the cops and sue his a**.

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  14. ZR_Yancy

    ZR_Yancy Genius

    Learn sign language.
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  15. Trooper70

    Trooper70 New Member

    Thanks for responses. After I hired him and the carpet in one room was removed, it appears that the previous abatement company did not do their job right (20 years ago) in removing some mastid (the old glue that tiles were laid down on the floors back in the 50's) that is known to contain mastid. He said he had certification for this and that things were okay. Well, now he is threatening me about it and extorting more and more money from me on top of what our contract to do the work is for. I've already paid him $12,000 to do this work with remaining to be paid upon completion. But, I want to fire him, but then he threatened me with this plus he said that he took pictures of everything inside my house ... I think most everyone here knows about having homemade dvd's and he's threatening me with this. He proceeded to tell me that he has another business called Catch a Cheat he's setting up here in San Diego (to catch cheating spouses), but I could find no PI license whatsoever for this, so he has fraudulently represented himself on this as well to terrorize me further. It does appear from what little I could locate that he's filed some application for a Tax ID for this business, but I don't know the name he's using for it. Also, I think I will have to reformat my hard drive because when I was gone for some while, when I sat back at my pc things were not as they should have been. One item that these PI's do is to use a keystroke program or something to install on a pc and I spent hours yesterday trying to uncover anything like that, but some are undetectable ... and I am a bit above average in pc fixing, but this kind of thing would go far over my abilities.

    The main reason I hired him is that I'm having a massive amount of tiles put in my house and he has a tile contractor's license. Well, yesterday he was telling me that the bullnose trim is gonna be put directly onto the hardibacker so there will be a noticeable ridge against the wall! I said, NO WAY! That defeats the purpose of paying for the bullnose trim! He got all huffy and then went about threatening me and played back some of our conversations, informed me he took pictures and that if I filed any complaint about him he was coming after me. He further went on to say that I altered our written contract! No way. Now he wants even MORE money. Realize that I'm widowed and alone and disabled. I don't handle confrontation well. Also, this is a holiday weekend and finding out about my legal status on this I have to wait until after. I do know, though, that his tape recordings are illegal as well as picture taking. I've apprised my insurance adjuster of issues with this man and may have to file a lawsuit against him. But, I have to get this work finished on my house, but no funds here to stray off to another contractor .... lawsuit and live with no kitchen or bathroom for how long?

    Also, he isn't doing the work himself, but his son. His son is doing a good job, but have to say this recent deal with the bullnose trim is definitely THEIR mistake and displays the lack of knowing what they are doing. Later after the guy left to have his son put up more tile, I went in and checked to see how things were going and YIKES ... there was my bullnose atop the hardibacker, which I had instructed definitely was not to be done previously, but he said that his dad told him to do it! So, naturally, I told him to take it off before the thinset hardened, which he did. They will have to cut that hardibacker and fix this problem. I refuse to have shoddy work done.

    I already know it is illegal for him to do what he's done with photos and tape recording ... he's probably done video taping as well, and god knows what else. I had to pay to find out my stance yesterday online, so focus on the 632 statute:

    I trusted him in telling me he was certified for the asbestos, but when I looked yesterday I could not find any referencing about it. So, I'm having work halted until lab testing is done properly, which should have been done at the start. I am further concerned that since he appears to own or affiliated with some company that provides the PI surveillance equipment that he might have installed something in my house here in addition to being on my computer. After all, if he is going so far to terrorize me and threaten me with photos and tape recordings, this next idea here isn't a stretch of what he is capable of doing or has done.

    I need to know how to block that iPhone or iPod or whatever it is as well as any bugging devices he might have put inside my house with my unawares. I need to get the work done in my house and I'll put up with his abusiveness as long as I can, but I need to know how to block or jam or whatever for my own sanity. I hired a contractor from hell! I'm told thus far I need to hire a civil litigation attorney, but in the meantime I need some info on how to block that thing or at this point I'm almost prepared to ask how to destroy it. I've been driven to such terror here you cannot fathom.
  16. Trooper70

    Trooper70 New Member

    more ....


    I have ADT security on my house, too, because I had a break in when I had to stay in the hotel and mostly my jewelry was stolen. Well, after checking my house last night I set the alarm and went to bed. Just now I went into the other room and discovered my garage door was wide open!!! Anyone getting some idea here of how bad things are?
  17. Trooper70

    Trooper70 New Member

    He, also said to me to not be telling any complaints about him to my friends, family or neighbors or he'll come after me! He's ordering me around like he owns me. I have stood up to him several times, but due to my lymphoma, this takes a lot of energy out of me and I truly don't have this kind of stamina.
  18. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Good lord call the damn police on this jerk already !
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  19. imutter

    imutter Genius

    Get a Laywer and call the police
  20. Trooper70

    Trooper70 New Member

    I want to consult with a lawyer first before I call the police. This being a holiday weekend, that isn't real feasible. Until I know my status legally on not just the illegal invasion of my privacy inside my house with that iPad thing, I need to know more on the asbestos issue as well ... plus his state contractor's license and what all may be involved. I have one communication that someone may call me today or tomorrow for a phone consult, so before I take any action against this man I want to have all my ducks in a row. I am attempting to find a really good service online that does nationwide FULL background checks ... I've already discovered a few things for small claims against him ... but, my big thrust in the background checks is for nationwide CIVIL actions, not just criminal, as well as any TAX ID type of businesses he set up in other states ... stuff like this I don't see as part of most of these services I've looked at thus far ... this guy has done a good job at being a ghost. It appears that he goes from different counties or states and sets up a business ... one that is legitimate and then has a bunch of these other TAX ID types of businesses ... and I could not find anything under his name for any fictitious businesses via the county recorder's office (it is legal to set up a fictitious business for small income type things like for handymen, etc. to be legit to pay taxes). For example, in doing a San Diego Superior Court online case check, I found a small claims with him as a defendant listing three aka's of Catch a Cheat ... his name ... and J O Enterprises. Well, in trying to find an owner of this J O Enterprises or anything else? Nadda. But, they have a website to sell surveillance equipment. Naturally, since this is the weekend, I am not able to drive to the Small Claims records to view the file ... and there are a couple more that am unsure if he is the same involved, so will check those out too.

    So, as far as paying for a service for a nationwide background check I will wait on that until I speak with a lawyer. Also, from what I gather is that the police department is NOT linked in nationwide for information gathering for Civil cases, so this may have to get bumped up a notch here on the state level since he is misrepresenting himself as a PI, etc. using his contractor's state contractors license as a legitimate means to extort. Even if I were to hire a PI, they would use a similar type of service to do checking ... but, even I know that getting Civil lawsuit information from each and every state (Superior and/or Small Claims), and this Tax ID stuff is not an area that is in-depth explored without physically going to those local official buildings and looking at the actual documents. As you can see already, even I have to drive locally to find out about this Civil small claims case to know what it was about. I'm sure that this guy knows this, too, so has been able to stay off the radar.

    So, alerting the police is premature. My main goal here right now is to block that danged iPad/Phone or any other device/gadget he might bring along in his pockets. I'm sure that he's got other toys that are not affected by magnets. Sure, I could make the request that he leave the iPad in his truck, but I feel sure he has other toys that he would bring along on the next trip so he would be complying with me with leaving his iPad in the truck. So, the main thrust is to have some device that will block or jamb (and not harm my own computer ... device to set up on my pc's so they don't get damaged) his iPad/Phone.
  21. RoofMonkey

    RoofMonkey Genius

    Nothing I can think of either to prevent direct recording from a personal device such as the iPhone or iPad. Short of telling him to leave it outside.

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