How to Change 4 Main Bottom Buttons

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Austin, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Austin

    Austin New Member

    How do I change which 4 applications are displayed at the bottom of the home page?

    I want to put the calendar in and swap ipod out.
  2. pb30

    pb30 New Member

    Not possible
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  4. xoulo

    xoulo New Member

    why...? its not that far away from each other
  5. Austin

    Austin New Member

    Not that why should matter, but it's because the bottom row is thumb-convenient.

    I was pretty sure I saw a demo of it...
  6. lectioneer

    lectioneer New Member

    It is not a Blackberry Pearl!
  7. pb30

    pb30 New Member

    You can change the bottom row in the iPod app (click more, then edit and drag the ones you want). Not possible for home screen
  8. Bif Powell

    Bif Powell New Member

    I don't know about the OP, but I would like to get rid of the iPod icon and put in my address book.
  9. wjp09

    wjp09 Zealot

    Not the main screen but on the others you can by hitting EDIT. And why swap calander for ipod haha.
  10. Austin

    Austin New Member

    Because I don't play with the ipod haha that much haha but I like to be on time haha for my appointments haha.
  11. iigreatoneii

    iigreatoneii Member

    I don't think it's possible, but it should be, since people prefer different things.

    I, however wouldn't because everything I use the most is down there. But just because we use different things, doesn't mean I disagree with you. They may allow this in a update release? Maybe, I'm not sure.

    You can give apple your feedback and hope for the best. :)
  12. ColsTiger

    ColsTiger Zealot

    I can understand why the calendar feature would be important. To many on this board appointments are not that important yet. The ability to sync my phone with my outlook calendar and contacts is one of my favorite features.
  13. JennyNguy3n

    JennyNguy3n New Member

    Changing the bottom icons

    I'm using the iPhone 3G right now and figured out how to change the bottom icons. The process is the same as moving around the apps on top but to change the bottom icons, you press and hold any of the bottom icons and the entire menu should start shaking. When that happens, your allowed to move around applications as you like.
  14. This thread was from when the first iPhone was released 2 1/2 years ago before moving icons was possible. Check the date before posting next time.
  15. MrMike6by9

    MrMike6by9 Zealot

    Please keep sharing your discoveries. One of my first bosses had a sign on his desk ...

    "Nobody knows everything. Everybody knows something."

    Welcome to EIC

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