How to charge your iPhone without a computer!

Sep 29, 2007
Okay here is a guide on how to charge your iPhone without connecting it to a computer or any power outlet! It sounds funny but I have done it and am doing it tomorrow on my long car ride.

What you will need
-Screwdriver or any device to poke holes

1.Using a screwdriver or any other utensil, place a whole going through the entire onion horizontally so that there is a straight line through the onion.

2. Place the onion in a container with any form of Gatorade or any other drink containing a plethora of electrolytes and let soak until it seems as if it won't soak any more. This could take up to 30 mins.

3. Place the onion on a firm stand or location and using the USB end of the iPhone charger, place it firmly into the onion and plug in the other side to the phone. You will then see it charging and it will last for 15-20 mins depending on how well the Gatorade absorbed into the onion.


Mar 15, 2007
You know, by the time you go out and buy the onion and gatorade, you could have just plugged your iPhone in the wall and been fully charged. But cool I guess if your shipwrecked on an island harley and jack find a case of gatorade and onions.


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Nov 11, 2007
just so you know, this thing is a HUGE hoax. This guy has a website saying you can do lucrative things such as powering a full size television with one single AAA battery...considering batteries are Direct Current and a TV is Alternating current I don't believe that that is possible either.....the way he gets it to look like hes charging is that he has two ipod connectors and the real one gets plugged into the outlet when he sticks it into the onion. An onion wont put out nearly enough voltage to charge an ipod...nor will it be consistent enough.


Jul 1, 2007
Onions matter?

Does the type of onion matter? How about the size? Would several small onions work any better than a large onion of equivalent total mass, but offering a different exposure surface? Should they be peeled? Would cutting them (it) into small pieces enhance the process? How about how ripe they are? Do they work better if they're young and firm, or if they're aged, soft and showing signs of decay? Can they be pickled? Would vinegar and spices interfere with the reaction? Can I expect a better performance if I cry during the process (hence demonstrating more volatile properties)?


Oct 5, 2007
Phoenix, Arizona
Haha I remember seeing this the other day. Not a bad use of onions and Gatorade. But honeslty, who THOUGHT of this? Where do you just come up with this idea?
A homeless guy climbing in a dumpster behind a convenience store found an onion and a partially empty bottle of Gatorade. The onion was dry so he dropped it in the Gatorade to soften it up. The cord to his prized possession, a scratched up radio, fell in the misture, hit the onion and made sound. Hence, the onion powered stereo was born. Coming soon to Best Buys in your neighborhood.

Actually, this concept is just a take off of a standard penny and potato battery experiment that is used in many schools science classes to demonstrate means to create power using non-standard sources.


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Nov 16, 2007
It would be funny to see a produce section at the Apple store.
"Hello - I'm a Greengrocer"
"and I'm an electrician"

"What are you up to electrician?"
"I'm plugging my Zune into the power socket to charge it up, but I'm finding being tied to a domestic ring main cumbersome and tiring. I wish I had freedom like you Greengrocer!"

"What you mean being able to plug my ipod into an onion, electrician? It's easy and you can do it right out of the shopping bag without any tools or manuals"

... off for a lie down.