How to delete a partial ios software update ?


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Sep 19, 2013
iPhone 5, on 6.1.4

As we all know, ios 7 requires 3.1 GB free to download/ install.

after deleting tons of stuff, I made 3.2 GB free and the ios 7 download commenced OTA

as time went on, the download speed steadilly decreased so,after 1.5 hours, it was only 1/4 way downloaded and I had to go to work. as i left the house i lost wifi connection but figured it would just resume when i returned home.

Now that I am home, the download still shows that its 1/4 through, but it says that i have to make 3.1GB free!
there is now only 2.8GB free, so the update must be 300Mb. I don't have enough rubbish to delete in order to gain 300Mb, which is why I need to delete the partial software download

my question is- how do i delete this partially downloaded software update, so that 3.1GB will be free again?

I have toggling airplane mode on and off again and also tried a hard reset, but the partial download still remains and is still taking up space. I looked in iTunes app on the phone and checked downloads, but theres nothing there; prob because its not a music download


Oct 16, 2011
Just connect the phone to the computer and do the update through iTunes. It should install just fine with limited space and should get rid of the partial install.