How to extend the life of your iPhone battery


Jul 17, 2010
inkatechnology said:
i want some help about iPhone 8bg i didn,t charge my mobile for a week it was turn off when i wanted to start it didn,t start can u help me please
Sounds like the battery has run down. Can you try plugging it in to recharge? It should work while plugged in even if it is not charged.


New Member
Aug 7, 2011
I bought a Mophie Juice Pack for my iPhone 4 as I needed a new bumper or case for the phone because of the reception issue and it's great. For those that are unfamiliar, it's a case for iPhone 4 or 4s but it's also a back-up battery. It's obviously bulkier than a bumper but I prefer the way it fits in my hand...way more comfortable and it doubles the battery life so I never worry when I leave the house about running out of charge. You can set it to drain first then use the iPhone battery or iPhone first until it's low and switch to the juice pack. It cost $99 for the plus less for the regular one. Has anyone else tried one? Are there similar products out there like this? Love to hear feedback. It also has LED lights on the bottom to let you know the packs charge...nice and you can charge your phone and pack without taking the phone out of the Mophie.