How to get Microsoft Word,Excel, PowerPoint files on iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dc5itr888, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. dc5itr888

    dc5itr888 New Member

    Hi, I have heard that the iphone has the ability to view Microsoft Excel, Word, And PowerPoint files. However, I have no idea how to upload it onto my iphone nor do I kno where to view it. Can anyone help me?? I searched but all I found was that the iphone had the ability to do this and a big argument why microsoft doesnt like apple. Also I have a unlocked iphone so if I need a 3rd party app I can install it. Thanks
  2. Kabeyun

    Kabeyun Member

    iPhone can natively read these documents if you're sent an e-mail with an attachment. Unfortunately there is no separate application to view them, let alone edit them.

    There, however, are a host of web apps to look through. Some, like, store your docs on a web disk and allow you access to them from your iPhone or other mobile device.

    Apple has announced there will be a software dev kit (i.e. native iPhone apps) but that won't be released until February. Naturally, apps won't come until substantially after that.

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  4. OJsakila

    OJsakila New Member

    my word and excel files show fine. All you gotta do is email them to yourself. Of course you won't be able to edit them. You can do this with a vanilla phone. To edit you will have to follow the previous posters suggestions...
  5. dc5itr888

    dc5itr888 New Member

    hi, i just sent them to myself and opened up my yahoo account through the mail button on the iphone. i see the email and the attachment but how do i open the attachment itself??
  6. Lincoln

    Lincoln New Member

    I use Google Docs.
  7. bsharp

    bsharp New Member

    Make sure that you use the proper extensions (.doc, .xls, etc.), or (in my experience) you won't be able to view them.
  8. dc5itr888

    dc5itr888 New Member

    yah their extension is ppt which is what im trying to view a powerpoint file...i sent them to myself and i open up the mail key and i see it there except i see the file and .ppt at the end of my file and what do i do?? do i tap the icon itself or something else cause when i tap the icon of the file it just zooms in and does nothing
  9. bsharp

    bsharp New Member

    To my knowledge, the iPhone only currently reads Word and Excel documents. I don't think PowerPoint is supported. I tried it, and it wouldn't open the PowerPoint file.
    For a Word file, the iPhone actually has an arrow that you can tap, opening the document in another window.
  10. shashidhar.shenoy50

    shashidhar.shenoy50 New Member


    There is a feature called "Glide", it acts like a OS+Browser ... This Glide creates a layer over any host Os and then acts like a browser (Even in the iPhone)...for furthur clarification check this link

    Check the following video links too... might be helpful.
  11. sjohnson2

    sjohnson2 Guest

    Hey everyone,
    I don't have my iphone yet, but that's my complete Christmas list.
    I can't wait.
    Just reading through the thread & realized I had no real idea of what they are capable of. Excel documents. This is even going to be better than I thought. There is no edit capabilities though hey? You just wait though, it won't be long.
    Thanks for the links you provided shashidhar.shenoy50.
    I'm sure I'll be needing them in about 15 days or so.
    Cheers & Merry Christmas.
  12. foffsyum

    foffsyum New Member

    Here is the easiest way to view powerpoint, word, excel, pdf, etc.. in the iphone natively..
    First, install "Docs" software from cydia in your iphone
    Then, install "DiskAid" in your pc or mac
    Transfer the file u wanna view via DiskAid to your iPhone
    Finally, view the desired document through "Docs" app on your iPhone
    Enjoy guys....!!
  13. andimoia

    andimoia New Member

    can't find docs in iphone apps
  14. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    FileAid, in the app store, works with DiskAid. FileAid is currently free. It will let you view all MS Office documents. No jailbreak necessary.
  15. naviwilliams

    naviwilliams Zealot

    BrownGem, you've earned your name! Thanks for sharing about FileAid and DiskAid, it's exactly what I've wanted...

    Now I can have all my 200+ documents on my iPhone with me at all times ;)
  16. BrownGem

    BrownGem Zealot

    You are most welcome Navi. I absolutely love FileAid.
  17. AeroCare

    AeroCare Zealot

    I noticed that if you do a search for FileAid on the 'net some websites show it as $4.99 and then it directs you to iTunes App Store for the download. Save the $4.99 and go to the store directly and it's a free app but DO IT NOW because it said it's free for a limited time. I also found DiskAid free on the 'net.

    I'll try them now and see if they work for me. I need to be able to make changes in the excel document and currently use Documents to Go on my TREO 680. If it doesn't work for me I'll try the other ones mentioned in other forum threads.


  18. kyith

    kyith New Member

  19. jimbo74

    jimbo74 New Member

    I use Netportal It allows me to browse files on my network computers from the iPhone (like Windows Explorer / Mac Finder) and copy them to the iPhone. It also works over 3G, so I can also get to files on my NAS at home when I'm out and about.
  20. davesw

    davesw New Member

    Goodreader is a "good reader" :) i use it and it works great.
  21. Keith Albert

    Keith Albert New Member

    Goodreader is a great and inexpesive solution although the 2012 App Store version goes for $4.99. DocumentsToGo for iOS works excellent but is a more expensive solution if you want to edit Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents on the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

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