How To: Merge 2 Apple ID's (sort of, kind of, almost) using Family Share


Jan 30, 2011
So. California
I have an issue that many other users have. We have 2 Apple ID's.. In my case one is tied to my store account and one is tied to my email / iCloud account.

There is no way to merge these and it appears as though Apple has no plans that allow us to do so.. It should be a simple solution on Apples end but I digress..

With iOS 8 we now have Family Share.. This is a how to sort of, kind of, almost merge the 2 Apple ID's so you can use just the one..

In my case I have an old, hacked and closed gmail account that's my Apple ID for the store. I have a TON of purchased apps under this ID.. I also have a account that's used as my Apple ID for iCloud. I've used my @Mac email address for so long it's not really an option to cancel it..

Here is my solution.. Use Family Share to tie the 2 Apple ID's together.

To try and keep this less confusing I will use the following. AppID is your Apple Store ID that's used for purchases and CloudID is your iCloud account that's used for email, contacts, calendar, Passbook etc..
  1. Log out of iCloud on an iDevice
  2. Log back into iCloud using your AppID
  3. Setup Family Share via Settings --> iCloud --> Family Share
  4. Enter the CloudID email address and send the invitation.
  5. From a Mac or PC log into CloudID email and accept the invitation.
  6. Log out of iCloud on the iDevice
  7. Log back into iCloud using your normal CloudID credentials.
  8. Log out of the App Store on the iDevice
  9. Log into the App Store using your CloudID
Bing, bam, boom! You are now sort of, kind of, almost merged.. All apps, music, movies etc that were purchased with AppID are now available for use / download with CloudID..

Future purchases are automatically charged to AppID's account / card..

A warning though.. I have came across one Mac app that does not work. Tweetbot for Mac says Family Sharing is only available if you purchased the app after June 3, 2014. I have an email into the developer and will report back with the findings..
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