How to Open Company for UberBlack


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Jul 31, 2019
Do you want to stare an UberBlack business? Let Us Teach You How to Start as an Entrepreneur. Partnering with Uber is one way to earn additional income.

Uber BLACK is an Uber service driven by professional chauffeurs in luxury cars. The fare that drivers receive from passengers is generally about twice the fare that an UberX driver would receive: Uber black drivers also generally make a lot more than their UberX counterparts.

In these posts, filled with our expertise and tips, we walk you through the sign up process, as well as the necessary preparation, and ongoing business management secrets to help you launch and sustain a profitable rideshare business.

Since UberBLACK fares are higher than others, you can expect that the drivers would get to earn more than the drivers under other Uber services. An UberX driver earns $10 per ride and an UberBLACK driver gets $20, an UberX driver would have to carry out 10 rides to get the $100 dollars that an UberBLACK driver would make on 5 rides.

As the owner of an Uber business, or fleet, you set the tone and are the authority over your drivers particularly in the areas of earnings and quality of service! Understating uber business model will help grow your business. Our UberX Driver’s Kit (which you can download from our website ( and use as a guide. To find out more on staring an UberBlack business read the full article on our blog. How to Open Company for UberBlack

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