How to organize favorites?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by The Bad Guy, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The Bad Guy

    The Bad Guy New Member

    I'm having difficulty finding the menu to organize my favorites on the 3g. I went into the phone portion, but nothing was in there.

    How do I move around, and/or delete the favorites on the main screen?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. iChristian

    iChristian New Member

    well, you press the Edit tab on the top far left section of the screen. then, on the far right of the screen after every name there will be three lines on top of each other. put your finger over it and drag it down/up or wherever you prefer it. hope this helps!
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  4. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    what he said^^^ lol i was late
  5. BigCiX

    BigCiX Zealot

    like christian said. just hold down a certain app and move it to the location you want. if you move it all the way to the side of the screen, it'll go to the next page. Also, you can't delete any app that is factory stored.
  6. iChristian

    iChristian New Member

    haha its ok ace, i just beat you to tha punch ;D its all good man no worries
  7. Ace4261991

    Ace4261991 New Member

    lmao yeah i pretty much typed the same exact thing and when i poste dit i looked and was like "what, did i double post... OOHHH.." :p

    i think hes talking bout his phone favorites
  8. iChristian

    iChristian New Member

    haha word, ace.
  9. thehotrod

    thehotrod Member

    I also downloaded Safari for windows and chose to sync my iphone bookmarks with safari, now I can edit and re-arrange them on my PC. ;)
  10. ip3g

    ip3g New Member

    i have a contacts icon on my favorites and when i bought the phone 3g it wasnt there, i want to remove it but it wont let me? does anyone know how?
  11. cabinets

    cabinets Member

    That one stays. Can't remove it.
  12. ip3g

    ip3g New Member

    how did i get it there? i cant remember.

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