How to password or Touch ID-protect your naughty pics in iOS 9.3 or above

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Rafagon, Mar 22, 2016.

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    Go to any naughty pic on your camera roll. Tap on the share button (lower left-hand corner). Tap on “Add to Notes.”

    Remove the naughty pic from your camera roll, and then remove it from the Recently Deleted album.

    Go to Notes, and find the note containing the naughty pic. Tap the share button (upper right-hand corner). Tap on Lock Note, then enter your main phone passcode or fingerprint to lock the note. A lock is added, but the note is still unlocked (see the unlocked icon near the upper right-hand corner). Tap on that icon to lock the note containing the naughty pic.

    That’s it! If anyone tries to view your naughty pic, they will be advised that the note is locked:


    To view the naughty pic, tap on View Note, and you’ll be prompted for your main phone passcode or your fingerprint:


    That’s all there is to it! The naughty pic will be revealed to you, and you alone:

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    Nice one, but wouldn't it be easier and more logical if Apple simply made all apps work with Touch ID, so that the user could choose which ones he would like to protect?
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    Most important apps have a log in. And there's photo album apps one can put their photos and videos in and lock it. MyPhoto is a good one. And best of all, one can simply lock their phone.

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